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Ayelads.com Low Cashout CPM Banner Network Scam or Paying



In ayelads review we will inteduce this low cashout CPM netwok that pays to Payeer to you, and we will learn more about this network and check whether if it is scam or paying.

What is Ayelads.com Low Cashout CPM Banner Network?

Ayelads is a CPM network paying for clicks on advertising banners for bloggers and site owners.In this review we will try to know better how Ayelads works and how good it is, and the most important question is it scam or paying?

I have added ayelads CPM network banners in my blog and according to my experience I added the reating below.

Features of Ayelads CPM:

1.Very low cashout limit starting from $0.1 to Payeer and $0.2 to faucetpay.
2.Shorten link earnings from $1 to $2.5 per 1000 views.
3.Various banner sizes.
4.slider ads.
5.referral program.


  • Many payment processors
  • Many earning methods
  • Low cashout
  • Low deposit


  • Never accepts free domains.

Ayelads rating

is ayelads scam or paying?

Ayelads.com rating

I gave it 60% because it has better CPM rate than many other networks that i've tested till now, but there is a point here: minimum cashout is 10 cents and there will be withdraw fee 1 cent, the thing that means Payeer will take 10% of your earnings and for this i recommend you to be patient and don't rush to request withdraw till you have higher balance.

You can register if you want from HERE
or by clicking the banner