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tips for using hyip monitors.


In this article I will give you how to optimize your earnings from HYIP using HYIP monitors. 

What are HYIP monitors?

HYIP monitors are websites that promotes HYIP sites and keep tracking them till they stop paying.

What do HYIP monitors offer?

The best advantage you may get by registering in an HYIP using a monitors link is the RCB
Referral back commission they give you back  and will boost your earnings from any HYIP.
And the insurance they offer for their downlines, With this insurance you can request a compensation after losing money in any HYIP.

Tips for using HYIP monitors:

Read comments from members of the monitor ( also in their telegram group if they had) about scam sites, Usually there are 2 types of members:
Experienced members with useful comments.
And the second type are fawners who may be the monitor's owner friends and they are 99% lying about many things they say.

Check how many 10% daily sites or any unbelievable earning sites are found in the monitor. Usually famous monitors do not care about reputation and they add any site that pays the listing price even if they know it will scam their members.

 Usually high RCB means quick scam, But on the other hand low RCB doesn't mean good HYIP.

HYIP is a very dangerous investment even with insurance,And all HYIP site will end to scam sooner or later. Be careful where to put your funds and do not rely too much on insurance, Monitors owners may own scam HYIp sites ..Why not?

Try to join monitors with enough insurance for all participant even if the RCB was not very high.

Remember that you are the only one responsible for your losses and that no one will help you but yourself in bad situations.

Sometimes There are fake members joining one site to reduce the shares of compensation, Again I am telling you to search for enough amount of insurance before joining.

These are the tips for using HYIP monitors. That I can give to you. Good luck in your earning search and take care.