, kucoin.com review (2022) _ how to fund it with Perfectmoney, Payeer and Faucetpay? ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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The First WEB3 Eexchange

The First WEB3 Eexchange
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kucoin.com review (2022) _ how to fund it with Perfectmoney, Payeer and Faucetpay?

 Kucoin.com is a legitimate platform to exchange Crypto-currencies, in this review we're going to learn how to use kucoin. and how to fund it using PM Payeer and Faucetpay.

Basically, Kucoin is the fifth exchange in the list of exchanges in coinmarketcap website with the score of 7.9  Kucoin is located in Seychelles with trade daily volume of 1,687,659,672$ and 1152 pairs ready for trades.

But in many countries we are not allowed to use the four exchanges before, And Kucoin accepts all members from all countries.

You can add funds with Perfectmoney and Payeer and Faucetpay.

There is one feature that allow you to buy money through E-wallets like you will read later.And you can simply send TRX from Payeer to kucoin and the same for faucetpay.

 Kucoin is and ideal choice for millions of users, Especially it has many coins and tokens with all trading possibilities ( Margin,Spot, Limit) and usage of many markets because you trade your coins with BTC, USDT, KCS,ETH. And also with DEFI, METAVERSE,NFT,POLKADOT,ETF coins.

Also kucoin.com gives you extra earnings by staking coins usage of loans that gives earnings yearly, monthly or even for short terms of few days. This is great for those who participate in HYIP projects and more safe .

For example you can join token launch spotlights were you can participate and buy new coins and tokens from the first day the thing that may bring very large earnings.

Additional income opportunity is contests, In trading contest the first places winners get very high rewards with the value of thousands of Dollars.

How to add funds to Kucoin.com?

In Kucoin there are 5 balances:
You can send money from any account to another without any limits or fees.

Main account:

This account is used to deposit and withdraw your funds. And you can easily exchange between this balance and all other balances. 

Trading account:

this account is used to trade your currencies, Remember that if you deposit any coin in main account these coins will not be usable to trade unless you send them to trade account, And on the other hand you can not withdraw trading balance unless they are sent to main balance.

Margin account:

Allows traders to trade more funds than they actually have, With this trading features members may get up to 10X earnings, But also the losses will more
Basically, Traders can trade funds that they  borrow from other traders for a fixed interest for the creditor.

Futures account:

This feature  is useful for those who have a compulsive trading behavior and helps them to set more reasonable trades with stoppage limit for losses.

Financial account:

This is the balance that you use for staking and all other investments, It also can be used to buy pr-launch tokens and coins.
The Financial Account is used for staking and financial management, with an annual yield of up to 20%.

Buying crypto in Kucoin:

You can easily buy crypto using your visa card or Apple money
Starting from $30

Selling crypto in Kucoin:

From P2P section you can put you buy or sell orders with the many famous E-wallets such as Perfectmoney and Advcash

How to trade currencies in Kucoin.com?

Trading in kucoin is as easy as any other good exchange And I am going to make a video with details about how to trade in kucoin for beginners.

How to get stable income from Kucoin.com?

For those who hate trading and like investments you can make annual earnings and sometime weekly earnings by these features:

Mining  in Kucoin:
you can mine BTC BCH and ETH from the mining pool just like any cloud mining service you rent hashes and take earnings.  The only difference here is that this is a legitimate platform. 

Staking  in Kucoin:
Staking is like taking a reward for holding a coin or token for a specified period of time.
For example someone offers other members a reward of 15% for holding the (X) coin for a month, And you are participated this will give you your initial investment + 15 % reward even if the price of this (X) coin rises or decrease.
Also, you can offer other members to hold a token or a coin for an interest from you pocket.

You have to be aware of that More will lead you to the complete list of staking opportunities 
Further you have to understand what does the reference annual lend really mean.
It means the interest you get for a year therefor for 1 month it is for example 55% this means your actual earning is
55 * 30 / 365 = 4.52% for a month.
So for a month staking offer you will get 4.52% reward not a 55% because 55% is for a whole year.

KCS bonus  in Kucoin:
KCS is the kucoin official token and the named it kucoin shares 

up to 90% of trading fees go back to the KuCoin community through its KuCoin Shares (KCS) tokens.
And this token was the way they funded the project since the beginning of it.

Other earning options  in Kucoin:
Yet there is still other ways to make money in Kucoin like trading competitions and Lucky raffling wich simply is a lottery
Another great opportunity comes through airdrops.
And you can participate in Spot light wich is buying tokens in the pre-launch  phrase

This is the only feature that requires KYC Verification.


  • NO KYC is needed.
  • All countries are accepted.
  • 1 BTC per day withdraw limit for non verified accounts.
  • Very low trade and withdraw fees compared to Binance and the other major exchanges.
  • Good project race to add their coins in it. 
  • You can easily buy crypto with your Perfectmoney as mentioned above.
  • You will find hundreds of good coins and tokens especially nmetaverse and NFT and DEFI coins.


  • Complicated for beginners.

You can register if you want from HERE



Since it has very low limits for deposit and withdraw and variety of coins It is a great choice for crypto lovers, But the greatest thing about it is that accepts all users and the big nimber of traders and coins.
Overall Score