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Payeer Perfectmoney blog is an exchange that doesn't need KYC with many earning options.

 We all hate KYC, don't we? doesn't require it and it also has many earning options included.

I really got to know this exchange because of HNT token I wanted to get HNT token because I see it has potentials. is listed in coinmarketcap and it is 106 in the global rating of exchanges

They say about it

Hoo Group was founded in 2018. After more than 3 years of development, it has become a global innovative and competitive digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology and underlying infrastructure application innovation, including HOO Exchange, Hoo Smart Chain, Hoo custody, Hoo Research, Hoo University, Hoo Cub Fund, Hoo Labs, HooSwap, HooPool, etc.

The business scope of Hoo Group has been continuously expanding, including one-stop services such as trading, custody, HooLabs , incubation, lending, investment, Hoo Smart Chain and mining. With the continuous expansion and improvement of the ecology, it has come out of a development path of DEX+CEX with the characteristics of Hoo.

Like every other exchange they have the spot trading and the futures trading and also they have the quick swap were you can exchange some coins to other ones instantly.

What is the HOOswap?

In this section you can add your own token, There they have a google form were you give them the details about your token like the blockchain the decimals, logo, name and price.

Therefor you will be the market maker and you will start making money from trading fees

But, they give you this warning:

Using HooSwap to trade or market making is a high-risk way of investment. Please evaluate your risk tolerance before getting involved. Before investing, please have a full understanding of all the risks of using HooSwap to trade or deposit digital assets to the market making.

What are the earnings in

The part about the earning options in has 3 parts:
You can stake many coins and token either locked for 30 days investment or flexible staking were your coins and tokens may be released whenever you want ( The first one gives higher interest per year)
I explained what APY means in previous articles.

There is the Mining pool that has Dual or Single mining
Dual mining is where you can mine 2 coins at the same time (Usually USDT) and another coin or token.
And the Single mining where you only mine 1 coin or token.
They also have this Filecoin mining options were they say that they have 3 mining sites in USA, UK and UAE.

What are the other features

They have HOO Labs were you buy new released tokens so the owners of it will get many wallets having their tokens in and get proof of stake they want to raise the reputation of their tokens in markets
They say about it:
Discover, Invest and Accelerate High-quality Blockchain Projects Globally

Discover High-quality Blockchain Projects· Gain Investment&Support from Users· Accelerate the Process of Lising the Token
The HOO options are explained like this:
Hoo Exclusive - Digitalize Your Asset Rights
The “Digitalization of Assets Rights” at Hoo is to digitalize the rights of your cryptocurrency assets and turn them into tradable tokens which can be circulated and transferred in the secondary market. Users who hold digitalized right tokens (T serial tokens) will be able to exercise their rights in a certain period of time with “1 token + 1 digitalized right token” is another good exchange but has a great advantage is that like Kucoin they allow to deposit and trade and withdraw up to 1BTC daily with no KYC and it also accepts members from all around the world..

You can register in for HERE