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Review and List of All Manual Traffic Exchange Sites

 All of us wonder where to promote our referral links, and where to start our affiliate marketing tour, this article contains tons of visits to your links.

What are these sites?

Simply they are traffic exchanges but trusted ones, no bots, no fake visits. they are a good place to promote your referral links

You can earn traffic credits but you have to watch 2 sites to get 1 visit to your site. Or you can buy these credits with Paypal.

If you an amazing website, then your visitors will not come to your site in multitudes. An amazing website is what you need to attract and hold visitors.

A site that is primarily a website that has ads. however, ads are not the most active method of driving traffic to your site. It is up to the particular ad to attract visitors so they would visit your site. If you think you would like to do something more, you should participate in a traffic exchange.

A traffic exchange is a technique to drive more traffic to websites through traffic exchange programs. they are websites that offer to increase the traffic in the sites of their members. they also offer other services such as link exchanges. you will need to sign up with these programs. once your site is listed as a member, you will need to earn credits. they are earned by surfing through websites that belong to other members of the exchange. for your visit, they will give you a credit.

And you can get banners ads and other options.

I recommend trying these sites for those who seek good results for their promoting campaigns. Because there is agreat advantage here that most of their users are responsible persons aiming to achive something in their life and where did I know that?? I have got some good results after promoting some links in them.

Another god thing is that the effect on site owners alexa rank is amazing ..

I will keep updating this post every week keep visiting it for more sites.

And do not forget to check for promo codes and offers when you register

Whay do I have to consider in manual traffic exchanges?

There are many options you have to know all found in this video:

Click on banners to register

Finest Traffic Banner

The Food Game banner

Harvest Traffic Coop banner


The Happy Pig Country banner

Hungry For Hits banner