, Superex.com review A new exchange with an airdrop. ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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The First WEB3 Eexchange

The First WEB3 Eexchange
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Superex.com review A new exchange with an airdrop.

 In Superex.com review we are going to introduce to you this exchange and its airdrop.

Superex.com Has started on 2021-12-31

From the first look Superex.com looks like a professional exchange website, and I mean the theme by this, The second thing I noticed is that there are only few coins there and not popular ones, The exchange is still new and maybe it will get more potential to be more developed later.

And the best thing about this exchange is that it doesn't require KYC.

And by the way it is still new, So you do not have to deposit till we make sure it is safe .

Superex.com Airdrop:

The reward is: 5 ET [~5$]
Duration: From April 1, 2022 00:00:00-April 30 23:59:59 (UTC-5)
Join here:
1. Open the above link.
2. Signup using your email id and confirm. [Check your spam box for mail]
3. Fill this form: https://bit.ly/3r46Ck6 

Superex.com road map:


The SuperEx project was confirmed, and the official website was launched on July 29, announcing the development of the SuperEx Exchange plan.


Open ET Mars 1 plan, complete 10000000ET Token subscription.


Crossed 1000+ Spot transactions and Perpetual Futures transactions of 150+ cryptocurrencies, Futures supporting up to 150X leverage.


Launch of the high-quality project monitoring system to realize the rapid upgrading of high-quality projects.


Launch of Decentralized Super Wallet.


Supports App Store and Google play downloads Users can trade Spot and Futures transactions without identity verification Completed code security audit, security testing. Official launch of SuperEx.


Super Wallet was integrated to achieve perfect interaction with SuperEx trading terminal.


In order to support the development of emerging blockchain projects, and to create an open trading environment to meet the diverse needs of users, SuperEx has now launched the Startup Coins Zone.


Commission and Rebate

Invite friends and earn crypto together. Earn up to 40% commission on all transactions on SuperEx Spot and Futures.


Generous trading commissions. Trader commission share is up to 80%, and the sub-agent can customize the rebate ratio. Commission settlement data is updated in real time every week; Multi-dimensional reports are provided for users to learn more about the transaction data and commission details

Dapp Open System

Super Wallet allows users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) or smart contracts on the network. Super Wallet Plug-in Edition is a secure and easy-to-use multi-chain wallet that you can use to authorize three-party DeFi, NFT, GameFi, MetaFi and other marketplace transactions on multiple networks such as Ethereum, BSC, etc. Super Wallet Plugin Edition serves as the infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystem, upholding the goal of decentralization, with users in charge of their own private keys and assets.


Decentralized Exchange

SuperEx Dex supports multi-chain one-click linking of users to decentralized wallet-authorized transactions in sustainable contracts, spot, etc. SuperEx Dex is responsible for providing liquidity. The aggregated transactions are traded through smart contracts and the settlement of the transactions are on chain.


Opening of COIN-M Futures


Financial Management

SuperEx Money Services is SuperEx integrated and comprehensive financial product service. Users can earn income through this system integrated financial showcase page. Users can quickly browse, select and subscribe to a variety of popular financial products including Staking, Fixed Income, Term Banking, Call Banking, etc. according to their financial preferences, so that they can plan their idle assets wisely and earn rich income.


Equity Warrants

Users can purchase stock passes such as Telsa and Apple through mainstream cryptocurrency assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. on SuperEx.


Cryptocurrency Payment

SuperEx will open up various payment scenarios to users in the payments section, as well as provide payment interfaces and asset custody settlements for corporate users in the cryptocurrency industry.


SuperEx Protocol

Everyone in the world can use it without a need for any authorization, and can access at will anytime, anywhere.

You can register from