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Is it the end of HYIP industry?

All HYIP sites a re scam. Indeed they are, But didn't we make money because of it? I made money with them but I don't like to stay edgy all the time waiting to get my money back then trying to relax when making earnings from them.
all hyip scam

When someone uses HYIP sites he must consider that he is making a gambling game even if he got insurance from a monitor, and we all have seen how many old paying sites turned to scam in this bear market of crypto currencies. So will this lead us to say that HYIP industry is going to die anytime soon ...
Well in fact no one can guarantee this may happen because many parties are involved in Ponzi making industry Monitors, HYIPlogs and similar sites, promoters and even those who like to make easy quick profits online.

Waht are HYIP sites?

Those sites ask people to deposit money and in return they return the initial deposit + very very high earnings. But the always turn to scam, After 1 day or after 10 years the result is to stop paying and stop replying the support tickets, Suddenly they abandon their sites to start new ones.

What are sleepers?

HYIP sites that give very slight earnings for a very long time, They give monitor sites a deposit and monitors in return keep posting payment proofs in forums and in Hyiplogs and similar sites  that collect data from all monitors using a specific HTML script to know when an HYIP site stop paying or delay a payment and all other notes about their  workflow.
then they change the design from original theme of HYIP site to a better one graphically and they say that they have started their official work or what you can call (Ponzi scheme) and they will start showing off the long period they kept paying till the time they stop paying at all.

Russian-Ukrainian war and HYIP sites

Russian-Ukrainian war has affected the global economy as we all know and has affected the stocks and Forex and crypto markets and this is also something we all know, But the new piece of information here is that 99% of HYIP sites and monitors owners are either Russians Or Ukrainians and that's very interesting and as anyone can imagine those 2 countries peoples consider themselves victims and targeted by everyone and must protect their benefits and funds, Imagine Ponzi scheme owners feeling unsafe, The first thing they may do is to steal their members money.
On the other hand many of those HYIP ponzi scams creators paid their members for years doing real trades and real exchanges and gave their members more than any Crypto earnings they may had made if they dealt with their funds by themselves but this great fall in assets prices made even those (trusted) owners forced to close their projects But taking all members funds with them.
And this is the real end for every HYIP.

Crypto market crash and HYIP sites

It is the same every time, Whenever the prices of BTC and altcoins suffer from a big drop many HYIP sites turn to scam leaving their members sometimes in high losses, This pattern is being repeated in every bear market or in periods were prices go down like what is happening recently because (trusted) HYIP owners suffer from losses OR This may be the best time to steal others money and buy crypto with them ...

Is it enough?

Yes it is the HYIP industry end. All indicators refer to this :
People are angry with Ponzis.
Greedy people suffered enough and now they are aware of HYIP.
Staking  is a good alternate of HYIP because it is legitimate and trustful and never ends with scam.
Monitors are turning to scam and they stop paying insurances for members.
All of above says it is time to HYIP industry to die as long as anytime soon.