, THE LEGITIMATE 5$ KUCOIN BOT (BEST TUTORIAL) ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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Yes, It is true. Finally a great legitimate platform where you can invest and earn, But you must focus because this is real trading and you may lose money or you may have loss of benefit if you started your bot in the wrong time.

Kucoin is a great crypto exchange that has many many trading pairs and many earning options, you can read my detailed review about Kucoin from here:


Kucoin has a low cashout limit and doesn't require KYC to let members withdraw.

I only use bots with the classic version.

And only for spot bot because it is the safest and the easiest to use.

After clicking Create bot you will be redirected to this panel.

Auto bot in Kucoin:

1.  Choose  default options and values.

2. Custom bot (we will describe it later).

3. Choose pair of currencies to trade between them. ( you can trade coins with USDT, BTC, ETH, DEFI, USDC, KCS, NFT).

4. investment amount (there are values for minimum investment for every coin) Usually famous coins have lower minimum investment.

5. To use desired coin.

6. Create to start the bot. 

Customized bot in Kucoin:

The trading in this bot is auto as well, but here you make the rules and the limits and values.

I am choosing the pair of X coin - USDT. you can choose trading with BTC USDC KCS......
1. Choose the lowest value ( if reached lower than this value the bot will buy with all USDT balance found in the bot itself and stop).
2. Choose the highest value ( if reached higher than this value the bot will sell  all coin balance found in the bot itself and stop).
3. The number of orders it has the range between 2 - 100 
it means when you place 2 orders that when the price goes 50% higher or lower the initial price you bought the coin with it will sell or buy with 50% of what you have, And so if you added 50 orders then it will wait till the price differs with 100/25 = 4% and if added 50 orders the bot sensitivity will be to changes of the price with 100/50 = 2% 
The greater the orders are the greater the sensitivity of the bot is and the price of the investment is.
The minimum orders to start with 5$ investment is 25.
Then we click on create to start the bot.
How to get the optimized advantage of this bot you have to choose the correct entry price and to keep customizing your bots and choose good coins and tokens with good project and makers not scam ones.
This is all about the THE LEGITIMATE 5$ KUCOIN BOT (BEST TUTORIAL) I wish you make great earnings with it.
To register in Kucoin please use this link to support me.