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The Fitst WEB3 Eexchange

The Fitst WEB3 Eexchange
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 Many of you may ask themselves this question. Why do others promote new sites even though they know most of them are scams?

This is an excellent question. It means that the person asking it is intelligent because only smart people ask about what happens around them. This will lead us to a question : Are all promoters scammers?

No one is pure evil as no one is pure goodness, but people are greedy, Many promoters only want to get commissions from their downline, no matter what they do and no matter how risky they are, the downline is.

Others only promote their own scam sites. Others do not care too much about how good these sites are as long as they receive money from site owners to talk about their (projects).

And many others, like PTC promoters, promote any site that gives them ad exchange and I really want to thank every promoter who tries to use his head and tries to give his followers the right advice without forgetting how ungrateful people are.

But on the other hand, having active downlines gives you a good sum of money. Sometimes I make great earnings on some websites from my referrals, the thing that made me start this blog after Soamonitor's owner decided to abandon it.

I would be very happy if you gave me your ideas and thoughts about this blog and thank you for wasting these minutes reading this article.
Please, my mates, give me your opinions and thoughts. I need them to increase my knowledge of the market needs. Do not be mean and not share your ideas with me.

I really would like to turn this blog into a real community for making money on the internet.
Thank you for the time you spend on my blog, and take care.