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PIPS GROUP were a series of Paid to click sites which were started with a single PTC site called pipsbux.com, and then many sites followed it from the same owners, I have 2 pending payments in 2 of their sites Pipsoffers and Pipsbux and it looks like the tumbling is over and they are offecially turned to scam.

And this will lead us to this question: What are the lessons that we may learn of the PIPS experience?

1. Many quick sister sites = quick scam

I have said this many times before, considering how many times it happened it is usually right.

Evolution script is giving a license up to many sites for cheaper price and this will give an incentive for site owners to launch many sites thinking this is going to give them more CPM earnings regarding to the increase of visits ( visits will be doubled if they had 2 sites) and then they may to get into this troll by their on will.

If handling one site is easy, then handling more than one is not and it needs someone who is entirely occupied with these sites.

And this is a rule for all kind of earning sites. And take it from me, whenever you see someone launching too amny sites you must consider the all of them will turn to scam anytime soon.

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2. Every HYIP is a scam, Sooner or later it will be.

I have a lready wrote a post before talking about this, In 2 words; All HYIP sites a re ponzis.

Pips group were very risky already after the stoppage of their sites and their hosting problems but when they added an HYIP to their family it looked to me like the end of their scheme in whole.

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3. Ambitious schemes are not necessarily profitable.

Being ambetious is great, But being reasonable is greater, I have seen many active admins losing their great sites by surrendering to their wishes more than considering all real circumestances surrounding their online business. and all generous PTC sites turn to scam very soon.
And all generous HYIP sites are scam from day 1 or maximum day 2.

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I really prefer the hit and run strategy with making money websites with no passion ( no hate and no love) against anyone and considering that every payment you get from any site is your last one from it.