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Crypto stats and opinion for this week 13/November/2022


Hello mates in this section i am going to start talking about the stats of the crypto market.

 I was watching the crypto market and analysing it while i was involved in HYIP and other earning methods till the russian Ukranian war.

Then I started focusing on crypto and started realising the patterns of movements of the market ( This is not about the green and red candles and all of this bla bla bla).

Remember that in simila situation like we are now in 2018 or 2019 Trump ( the prsident of the gratest country in the world) came to say that all cryptos are scam and all goverments must start a war a gainst this industry, And these days we see how LUNA's project was destroyed and now FTX  is tumbling with new rumors about crypto.com exchange related to this subject.

And in 2 words Crypto stats this week starting from today 13/November/2022 are great losses or all Centralized exchaanges currencies and I suggest to be careful of them, And on the other hand we may see a revival in Decentralized exchanges currencies.

CHZ still has a great potential to go up in price while world cup is very near.

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They want you to be afraid and to start selling with loss, Do not let market makers decieve you.