, They are saying Bitcoin is dead. Is it true? ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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They are saying Bitcoin is dead. Is it true?

I got an email from coincodex saying 😱 Is Bitcoin Dead?, but wait a minute what if it was true and Bitcoin is dead for real?

Relax. The answer is easy.
As we all know, market makers do not want you to think  correctly, because if you do so they will never
make money. This means it is an equation, A simple one, in fact, investors + effective decisions = losses for market makers. And on the other hand: investors + defective decisions = profits for market makers.
This means they will start giving you a total dose of bad news and scandals and declaration to wash your brain and give you the feeling of the necessity of selling everything and leaving the crypto field before your money converts to dust. Do you remember the time when Donald Trumpin 2018 said in a similar market situation that all crypto scams? You must imagine that everyone in the market takes the right decision how everyone will stop buying when the price stops rising. What do you think will happen? Nothing but inelasticity in prices and markets and this is when the crypto market may collapse for real.
Another essential thing to know and to notice is that the cost of mining each 1 BTC equals 7000$, mining Bitcoin requires equipment and requires electricity and rental for the land where the mining goes. And if the price of BTC becomes lower than the price of mining, what may happen? (this happened once before) and if it happens again, there will be a short frame in price because mining companies will stop mining and will buy BTC instead and this will lead to recover the price quickly.

There are trillions of dollars in this market and it is nearly impossible to be thrown away. This statement of Bitcoin is dead is nothing but an illusion.