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Image had login problems, will FTX scenario be repeated?

 Me, and hundreds of users had login problems to, the thing that caused panic to many members including myself, but after making contact with support team he problem was solved within 72 hours.

They are giving a new ofer fror future trades (but you must be aknowledged that future trades are very dangerous and must be dealed with experience)

We hope 2022 has been an awesome year for you. In this season of giving, we have gifts for you to express our gratitude for being on this journey with us.

Join the Bitrue Futures X’mas Prize Event to claim your gifts today with up to 1 million in prizes to be won!

You will receive 1 (ONE) free draw for every 5,000 USDT Futures traded after your successful registration during the event. The prizes include a 10,000 USDT cash bonus. You even have a chance to share the 1,000,000 USDT cash bonus!

I've noticed that many members started a rumor that became Bankrupt and they are wright to be cautious like that after FTX incident, but there are factors lead to the situation of FTX and the most important one is:

FTX didn't have Financial assets

Meanin they didn't use physical assets to fund their portfolio, instead they were using members deposits to do the future trades and other trading stuff, and when crypto community knew that they withdrawn their funds from this exchange and its coin collapsed.

What about

I have a pevious article about Bitrue you can read it fom HERE
And I got these information from Bitrue staff:
Bitrue is one of the world's leading crypto exchanges using blockchain and emerging technologies to provide customers with a one-stop trading platform. Bitrue enables access to over 700 cryptocurrencies combined with a variety of crypto products and services. As an exchange, Bitrue aims to accelerate crypto adoption by building a foundational ecosystem for the digital assets economy

• 9 million users
• 2bn in spot (USD equivalent)
• 3bn in futures (USD equivalent)
• Early supporter of many of now largest coins e.g., XRP-Ripple, ADA-Cardano, and… 
• First exchange to offer insurance
• Conservatively run
• Community first
• 70% of our funds are held in our cold wallets

Did I withdraw my funds from

I really didn't do that and I (talking about myself) predict that bitrue will be a big competitor o binance and Kucoin
You can reister in from HERE