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Image Review A Great Traffic Exchange for Good SEO is a great source for all SEO instruments, in you can increase your followers and referrals as well, please read review to know more. is not an ordinary traffic exchange or like to like website because it has more effective options than its competitors: SEO tools:

There are other options to increase the publicity of your website other than just bringing visitors to it, like backlinks and increasing the sources of traffic.

1. Getting backlinks by

With you can make bloggers and wordpress admins and site owners add links from your website, you can find this option from My exchanges→ Blogger website posts or Wordpress website posts or Diigo bookmarks or Folkd bookmarks, then add a text to your link in the blog or wordpress site and that's it.

If you don't know what is Diigo check their about page from here

If you don't know what is Folkd check their about page from here

Also you can send your links to other members to be shared on social media such as: Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Linkedin, and very much more.

2. Getting visits to your website by

Another options to bring traffic to your site is banner exchange were you can add your banner and other members will add a specicfic HTML code to their blogs and your banner will apear to their visitors.
And we can not forget auto and manual traffic exchange. social networks tools:

Like no other exchanger gives more options to your social pages.

1. Getting visits to your videos by

You can send visits to your youtube, dailymotion,and vemo videos.
you can get likes and subscribers in, but I relly do not recommend getting subscribers from or any other exchange to youtube because google deletes them a week later.

2. Getting likes, comments, and subscribers to your social pages by

The usual stuff on Facebook, Pinterest, Vk,,Twiter,Instagram and many other social networks that I really have no knowledge about can easily be obtained by

What are The networks that deals with?

Facebook, Twitter, Soundloud, Youtube, Pinteest, Tik tok, Telegram, Twich, Vimeo, Vk, Reverbnation, Reddit, Pocket, Mix, Linkdin, Instagram, Flickr, Dailymorion, 9Gag,, points and how to get them?

you can get all those services from by adding points to your account then giving a price to the service you want other members to give you, and these will be taken from your account point balance.

Free coins in Followlike

From the main menu in got to Earn coins Then all categories of exchange will appear to you.
When you choose to earn points from any socail media, will ask you to enter your user name for this network, and each mission you must do have its price of points that will be added automatically to your points balance, then will be distributed to your exchanges, finally run out of points your pages will never appear to other members till your balance has points again.

Affiliate program in Followlike

And you can get points in by referring other members to it, in return you may get the following:
800 followlike Coins for each new active referral.
15% of all your referral's Coin (credit) earnings for life.
$0.15 Cash for each active referral. Cash out available at $20.00 via Paypal.
Earn 1 followlike Coin for every UNIQUE visitor you send to your referral link

Buying coins in Followlike

You can easily go to Store setion and buy points and premium hours by payal.
And you can also redeem copouns there as well.

Daily bonus coins in Followlike

As you see in the picture to the right regarding to your membership you will get free daily points just or doing 5 exchanges

Doing tasks in Followlike

You will find them in custom exchanges and you can add paid to register and paid to comment and paid to download tasks to other members as well.


Memberships allow you to get boost to your pages like in picture to the right.

Buying membership in Followlike

At the right of the top of the page in your personal account you will find Basic member button beside the count of your points, when you click on this button you will find the prices of all features.
also you can gain premium hours when making some tasks (mostly are youtube likes)

How to add boost to my pages in Followlike?

When you add a new exchange or edit an existing one you add the initial price of your page then you add the boost (when you have premium hours) from Daily CPC Booster.
i really recommend this site for anyone who wants to get more publicity to his brand on the web, especially that followlike can be used for free.
If you want to register in followlike please use my link from HERE