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2022 Summary if we want to make money from internet in 2023

If you want to make money from the internet in 2023 you must read this article that contains the summary of 2022. Please not be mean to me and give me your honest opinion about what I am saying here.

As a person who seeks to earn money from the internet, you must learn from your mistakes and you must have the ability to analyse the surrounding environment. This is one step towards success.

Once I had thousands of Dogecoins and I wasted them on nothing. I tipped people to comment on Facebook posts and sold the rest of my coins for dimes in similar situations of a bear market and this is the heart of the matter, because in 2022 we have seen a decrease in crypto-currency prices and a big mess happened after that, and this must be the first thing considered because in 2023 is the year of storing crypto. You must keep the coins and tokens that you believe in inside your wallets, because in 2023 the prices will start rising until a big increase in 2024.

The second lessonto be learned from 2022 is that HYIP, PTC,crypto exchanges and even any kind of GPT or website that pays turnto scam or reduce what they give to members in the bear market so when the prices start to go down do not invest in anything on the opposite the best invsestment you can make is to exchange all your currencies to USDT, and this is what no one says to you, but on the contrary everyone will start decieving you claiming that the prices will be much much higher in the next few months, thus they suck your funds and keep them in their pockets giving you only despair in return

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In the same context, the third warning, 2022 gave us is that when there is something that has excessive policing all over the web it simply may be a troll and nothing else but a troll:

I also have learned this fourth lesson in 2022; and this is for people that do not want to invest any thing and only want to earn money for free, you must keep working on low cashout limit sites and old exchanges and old paying sites that give reasonable earnings and i have collected them on this page Old paying sites


Do not be a fool and rush after mirages. Also, do not be the Don Quixote who fought mills. Be reasonable and be confident and get more knowledge. It is your strongest weapon.