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Crypto market status 15 January 2023-Is it bull run?

 All crypto currencies prices has increased in the last week, Is it inally bull run? must we all invest now and wait? I remember this qoute I found on the internet by  Shelby M.C. Davis whaen he says:

“Invest for the long haul. Don’t get too greedy and don’t get too scared.”

I konw I said this many time befor but,We mustn't rush into the trap with our own will and start complaining later, If you bought Solana when it eached 8$ you must reconsider keeping it after 290% increase, because simply like every bear market or every bull market or any market there are ups and downs, and investors, (small ones) respond to any move of BTC price elastically meaning they buy whenver the price goes up and sell whenver it does the opposite, While basically in finance, Price elasticity of demand refers to the ratio of the percentage change in quantity demanded of a product to the percentage change in price, it means when the prices go up the consumers or buyers will buy less, But in our case the propaganda made by market makers will drive people to reverse economy logic and buy more when price is increased.

Be patient, this market taught us patience, and taught us that emotions has no place here. the bull run is still far from now and we shouldn't be like what the English proverb says: A bad workman always blames his tools.

Since we're talking about tools our tools here are our right decision and our minds, even if you bught with current prices do not sell and start cursing crypto if the prices went doen again, consider scalping which means in crypto; arbitrage of small price gaps. or in English sell the currency that gives you profits and but another that still in low price, i made a trade between dogecoin and Cardano in Bitrue.com when elon musk bought twitter and doge price increased and now I reversed the process and traded ADA for DOGE.


Bull run is still away from us don't panic and don't be under stress..