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Payeer Perfectmoney blog

Micro-expay.COM REVIEW IS Micro-expay SCAM faucet and exchange OR LEGIT?


IS Micro-expay SCAM faucet and exchange OR LEGIT?

Hello dear readers to Micro-expay review, Micro-expay is a wallet, faucet, revshare and an exhange. In this review we will know more about it and we will check whether if Micro-expay is scam or legit.

Micro-expay is a micro wallet that has its own earning options, not only that it has exchange options where you can exchange between many E-currencies, finally Micro-expay is realeased in the 1st of January 2023

What currencies does Micro-expay support?

Mainly they are USD; PAYPAL , Perfectmoney , Payeer , Advcash . Webmoney.

Faucetpay; USDT, BTC, LTC, TRX, BNB, DOGE.


What are the earning options in Micro-expay?

There are three main earning options that are normal and simple ones:

First ,click on Earn$ button and it will lead you to faucet page where you can collect ad withdraw to your main balance starting from 0.005$. In the faucepage it will ask you to login.

How to login in Micro-expay faucet?

IS Micro-expay SCAM faucet and exchange OR LEGIT?

Simply you must go to Dashboard, overview and to copy your Micro ExPay Wallet address which starts with M like in the picture and then you can paste it on the loigin page of the faucet to start earning simply


Faucet gives you each claim between 0.0001$ to 0.0015$ - every 30 minutes, there is no daily limit for faucet calaims each day, Just solve the captcha and then click on claim button and funds will be added to your faucet balance.


Each shortlinks give you 0.0015$ with daily limit of 3 shortlinks , also you earnings will be added to your faucet balance.

Revenue shares

This will give you daily earnings that you can withdraw to your main balance.

Minimum investment: 1.00 USD that you can earn from faucet or can be deposited using any currency that Micro-expay supports.

Daily earnings: You will earn 80% of the profit from trading and 40% of the profit from internal exchanges within MicroExPay as your investment earnings.

The profit is usually in between (0.15% - 2.00%) daily.

Duration of investment is unlimited, but you can not cancel your investment before 1 month, and when your investment is cancelled you can get your initial investment.

Instant E-Currency Exchange in Micro-expay

This option allows you to make trades between any 2 currencies except PAYPAL that can't be exchanged to any other currency and the minimum exchange limits vary between 0.5$ to 50$ according to the currencies you are exchanging.

How to withdraw E-Currency in Micro-expay

Minimum cashout limit starts from 1 cent to all faucetpay currencies, For example  ADA and XRP has aminimum cashout of  30 and 50 pieces. Do not forget to Add your ( address / wallet / email ) in overview section. and then you must examine the website accurately before making any transaction. where to know the minimum cashout limit for the desired currency.
Withdraw fees are like the following:
Payment Systems   Coin Fees
PayPal                  3.3% + 0.30 USD
PAYEER                  0.5% ( Min 0.01 USD)
Pefect Money         premium account 0.5%
                                verified account 0.5%
                                unverified account 1.99%
Web Money         0.8% ( Min 0.01 USD)
AdvCash                 0.5% ( Min 0.01 USD)
FaucetPay         0%
Cryptocurrency  Network Fee

Affiliate system in Micro-expay

You can promote Micro-expay to get commission from your downline and in fact the afiliate system there is a bit complicated and I will quote it  from there site like it is :

Affiliate program

Administrators and web-site owners have an opportunity to participate in our affiliate program

When a user enters through your link we automatically remember your id number in our system.

If the user has requested to exchange pay its part and we successfully complete the exchange you get your profit by 50% of the difference between the two amounts.

Example: If the user decides to exchange 100 dollars and our exchange rate is 1 = 0.95, users receive 95 dollars and you take 50% of 5 .(it's mean you will earn 2.5$ form this exchange)

Note: Partners receive 50% from our net profit

As a partner, you will receive a recurring 10% commission on all investment earnings made by the investor for the duration of their involvement with the website.

Example : if user invest 100.00 USD , and if he will earn (1.00%) 1.00 USD for every day. and you as a partner, you will receive a 10% commission on these earnings, meaning for every $0.10 earned

Note: Partners receive 10% of the investors earnings for life

Some points about Micro-expay

1. Micro-expay is a new site and yet we must deal wih it with caution.
2 .Faucetpay looks like the best choice to withdraw because of the very low cashout limit and becuase it has no withdraw fees.
3. Micro-expay looks professional for me and I really got to know it after I got a very tiny payment from them to my faucetpay account, some kind of an advertisment maybe.
At the end of Micro-expay review I wish you all luck in your making money online journey...
you can register in Micro-expay from HERE