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Admediatex.net CPM Netowrk Banners Review


Admediatex.net CPM Netowrk Banners Review

Admediatex.net is a CPM banners network with low cashout limit, in this review we will discuss Admediatex.net earnings, Cons, Pros and usability.

I already have joied this website and added its banners to this blog and I will to answer the usual questions about any site I write an article about.

What are CPM networks?

CPM (cost per mille) refers to the kind of advertisement that pays for the website that gets 1000 impressions for a banner ad, impressions are the times this banner was seen by visitors.

Those ads are randomly changed on the website pages for every visitor and when a website owner adds a unique HTML code given from the CPM advertising network.

Each banner on my blog has its HTML code given to me from companies that I've joined.

What is the best CPM network?

It's Google Adsense, but this company has very complicated ID verification process for inhabitants of many countries including Syria where I live. Also it has high requirements for a website to be accepted in it. 

This is what makes people look for its aternatives all the time, and this is why I write this review.

What is admediatex?

Admediatac has earned a reputation as the best ads network, being that it charges a fixed rate for all ad impressions. It can offer a very large audience of sites and a large number of impressions.

What are the features of the network?

Varieties of formats:

300x250 CPM Banners

160x600 CPM Banners

728x90 CPM Banners

Direct Link CPM

The "admediatex" advertising program is provided by the "hostingtex" company. They pay for each impression (CPM).

How does Admediatexnet work?

Simply add your website, no need to verify your site, then get the HTML code for the banner size you desire, then add it to your website.

The network says: Please do not use more than 3 tags per page.

I use those measure before giving rating to any site please read this post HERE


  • Low cashout.
  • No need to verify your website.
  • No minimum traffic requirements to add any site.
  • Various banner sizes.


  • Even after I refused adding porn banners, some banners led to porn websites.
  • No response from support.

Admediatex.net rating:

After adding admediatex banners to my website I noticed the good earning rate, but the shock when I clicked some banners of financial companies but the real link was for sex webcam show, and after making contact with support team I got no response, so can we trust them? even if they are paying admediatex is not one of my favouite CPM networks, even their token is not tracked by coinanking website that listed in