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Image Review is AdBuxPro A Scam or Paying PTC? Review is AdBuxPro A Scam or Paying PTC?

At you will learn how to make money with the AdBuxPro PTC website from your home, and will check whether is a scam or paying paid to click site.

What is

AdBuxPro is a site, it pays members for clicking ads and watching them, like any other PTC or paid to click website, it has a minimum cashout and other options to make money online with it.

How to make money with AdBuxPro?

In you can make money with:
Clicking advertisements.
Video ads.
Paid to sign up offers.
Offerwalls such as CPXsearch and Wannads.

Is there any upgrade in AdBuxPro ?

Yes, there are 3 upgrades: Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package.
They have the following prices: $5.95              $10.95             $35.95.
withdraws is instant for upgraded members.

How can I withdraw my earnings from AdBuxPro ?

The minimum cashout is $2, there for you have to wait to collect 2$ before requesting cashout, and there is no cashpoints here.
Finally, you can withdraw to: Coin2send, Pypal, Bitcoin wallet.

How much can I earn on AdBuxPro?

This depends on how ads you watch, offers you complete, and rented referrals, upgrade, direct referrals, the rcycling of rented referrals in is for free this way they don't want you to lose money on recycling referrals.

Advertising on

You can advertise these prices: Review is AdBuxPro A Scam or Paying PTC?

II use those measures before giving a rating to any site. Please read this post HERE


  • Licensed script.
  • Old paying admin.
  • Low upgrade with points.


  • No Payeer nor Perfectmoney.
  • Upgrades and rented referrals.
  • Basic theme of evolution script. rating:

I gave AdBuxPro a score of 60% because it was launched before and the admin changed the plan to a classic paid to click site with licensed script instead of PAB paying to click with licensed script.
You can register HERE Review is AdBuxPro A Scam or Paying PTC?