, Amazing offer: Get an iPhone for just 1 USD with SuperEx.com one-stop shopping platform ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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The First WEB3 Eexchange

The First WEB3 Eexchange
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Amazing offer: Get an iPhone for just 1 USD with SuperEx.com one-stop shopping platform

Amazing offer: Get an iPhone for just 1 USD with SuperEx.com one-stop shopping platform 

SuperEX.co crypto exchange review and ofer

The SuperEx.com one-stop is an amazing offer that offers customers great prizes for just 1 USD, but what is it? And how do you claim it?

What is SuperEx.com?

SuperEx.com is the number one Web3.0-based cryptocurrency exchange. It is a new promising crypto exchange and its HQ is located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, SuperEx.com has already distributed a generous airdop of their ET token if you already watched my video review and my blog post.

What is  1 USD offer from SuperEx.com one-stop shopping platform?

SuperEx.com is a new experience for its members that allows them to buy online using funds in SuperEx.com USDT wallet. It is a better approach for an intuitive shopping experience by bringing clients different-in-vogue things that they can immediately access, request, and pay for.

 At the point when every one of the "equivalent shares" of a gift are sold, one fortunate victor will be chosen from among every one of the purchasers, and the fortunate champ can contact client support to get the thing he bought.

How to participate in 1 USD event?

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Simply go to SuperEx website, snap on the "1USD" banner on the landing page of SuperEx.com H5 or Application to enter and peruse the different items. The items will begin with: iPhone 14 Expert, iPhone 14 Ace Max, and so forth. Click on Take part. Presently, select the quantity of duplicates you need to purchase, and pay with 1 USDT computerized resources. If you buy more, you will have more chances of winning, so you can purchase similar things on different occasions or purchase various duplicates on double. At the point when the thing is sold, 1USD will report the outcome as per the standards, and the fortunate client can speak with us by tapping on "Contact Customer Service to get the item" and it can be sent to the winner's home. Very important note; This event is not available for web users, you must download the APP or use H5 page on mobile phones. You can register for SuperEx from HERE

The app link from HERE