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Image – The New Gpt With BEP20 Coins Payment System Is It a Scam or Paying? is a new PTC and ecosystem paying with BB coin on BEP20 chain is a new GPT site pays for clicking ads and participating in BB coin airdrops. offers payments with their BB token on Binance smart chain that they say it will have its own chain in their white paper.

What is BEP20 chain?

BEP20 is a new standard for tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is similar to ERC20, but with some important differences. BEP20 is designed to be more efficient and scalable than ERC20, while still providing all the same functionality.

One of the key differences between BEP20 and ERC20 is that BEP20 uses the Binance ChainID, which is different from the Ethereum chainID. This means that BEP20 tokens are not compatible with Ethereum wallets or exchanges. In order to use BEP20 tokens, you will need a Binance Chain compatible.

What is website? is a website that has a n ecosystem that rewards members for clicking ads and doing surveys and downloading files and developing apps.

They also offer airdrops like I said before. says they want to add optimal marketing and sales efficiency in the global market. They include bbnex network cpa network cpc network mega loyalty platform payment gateway.

What is the minimum cashout at website?

It's $5 in BB coins, but it has 0.001% and $0.5 fees.

What is the price of BB coin?

In the website it says the price will be something like $0.1 and it will be listed in Gate, Cex, Houbi and Pancakeswap.

What are BB coin airdrops? will reward members according to their activity and investment, starting from the 3rd of March till the 3rd of September, they say they'll distribute 25% of their total supply ( the count of 250,000,000 BB coins ), and the following image explains the rates of rewards:

BB coin iis a new PTC launched in 2023 offers staking rewards as well.

I use those measures before giving a rating to any site, please read this post HERE


  • Good design.
  • New idea. 


  • Only one payment processor that doesn't not have real value now. rating:

I gave it the score 40% because there are no earnings now, and the project has nothing new to produce. I am not going to use this site for now, this is a personal humbled opinion, even though I wish them good luck if they really want to make a decent eco system project.