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Ezpzbux.com Review is Ezpzbux A Scam or Paying PTC?

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 Ezpzbux.com is a paid to click site that was launched in 2020, in this review we will check if Ezpzbux is a scam or patying paid to clik website, and will know the minimum cashout limit and earning methods in it.

What is Ezpzbux?

Ezpzbux.com is a website that rewards its members in points for doing simple tasks online, there are many earning options on Ezpzbux.com like the following:

  1. Clicking ads.
  2. Video ads.
  3. URL shortner
  4. Offerwalls 
  5. Contests
  6. PTP leaderboard
  7. Ezpzbux grid
  8. Crypto faucets
  9. Gambling games
  10. Traffic exchange gives you 0.5 points for each visit.
  11. Coin APY: an investment plan that gives you 5% profit per year, but you have to click 3 ads to earn from Coin APY the next day. This means you must be active and visit Ezpzbux.com every day and click 3 ads every visit.

Is there any upgrade in Ezpzbux.com ?

There is only one ugrade named Premium, it has the cost of $100 and lasts forever, it will double all your personal earnings, and all earnings from your referrals, and the maximum count of rented referrals remains the same, 100 rented referrals maximum in Ezpzbux.com.

Remember that youhave to click 3 ads to earn from your referrals the next day.

What are crypto faucets in Ezpzbux.com?

There are 5 crypto faucets in Ezpzbux.com: TRX faucet, LTC faucet, DOGE faucet, USDT faucet and BTC faucet.

You have to register in each one to start getting money from it, and earning will be sent instantly to your FaucetPay.io account.

What are payment methods and limits in Ezpzbux.com?

Ezpzbux.com has a cashout limit of 20000 points = $2.
It pays to Payeer, Perfectmoney, Faucetpay, Coin2send, BTC, DOGE, TRX, LTC, Metamask, monero, Skrill and USDT.

Advertising in Ezpzbux.com:

The advertising prices in Ezpzbux.com are quit cheap like the following:

Ezpzbux,Ezpzbux.com,review,scam, paying,referrals,paid to click, website,ptc,faucet,advertising

II use those measures before giving a rating to any site. Please read this post HERE


  • Licensed script.
  • Old paying admin.
  • Payeer, Perfectmoney and Faucetpay payments.
  • Low advertising prices.
  • PTP earnings.
  • Great design.


  • Low earnings.
  • Upgrades and rented referrals.

Ezpzbux.com rating:

I gave Ezpzbux a score of 60% because it has too many earning methods, but on the other hand, it has very low earnings with licensed script.
You can register HERE

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