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Google is in trouble – Bing is coming to take over!

Google, Bing, search engine, market share, competition, algorithms, web, information, search result,Featured,

 For decades, Google was number one search engine, but nothing remains the same, Bing is coming to defeat Google, in this article we will show you how Bing is going to be number one search engine instead of Google, and how would this make Alphabet the company that owns Google search engine lose Billions of dollars.

Google is facing increasing competition from Bing, as the search engine giant is would lose market share to its rival, but why?

How does Google search engine work?

Google, Bing, search engine, market share, competition, algorithms, web, information, search result,Featured,
Google's search engine can quickly provide answers for a variety of questions and queries. But how does it do this? The answer lies in Google's algorithms. These algorithms are a set of rules that govern how the search engine works. When you enter a query into the search engine, it uses these algorithms to scour the web for information related to your query. It then compiles that information and presents it to you in the form of a search result. The algorithms also take into account other factors such as user location and past search history to provide more relevant results. In short, Google's search engine is able to answer questions by using specialized algorithms to search the web for relevant information.

We all know that Google's algorithms try to bring the best content on the web about any inquiry to users from best to worse in quality, but the thing is, that google search engine never gives you the right answer you are looking for, because it depends on keywords, page rank, backlins and other factors to bring any website as a higher ranked search result.

For this, you may visit multiple search results before you find a good answer or your question, from a website to another, or to a youtube video.

How will Bing search engine use AI?

Did you ever think that the mundane search engine “Bing” could use AI to make your search experience more efficient? Well, believe it or not, they are using AI to make it easier for each of us bloggers, or users to find relevant content in the digital wilderness. Welcome to the exciting world of using AI to make your life simpler!

Now in this new era, Bing with the chat interface is going to answer inquiries in whole, not just look for the words you wrote, for example, you can ask Bing something like: how much fuel do I need to travel with my Mazda 626 car for a distance of 300 kilometers?

Do you believe it? Now who is going to use any other search engine after that?

Microsoft promises members a better experience. You can find out more by reading this post.

How would this affect the Alphabet company that owns Google's search engine?

No one works for free. Imagine Google's servers filled with billions of posts, videos, websites  and much more, consuming power 24/7 and technicians working 24/7 to bring you the best easy experience.

Is that for free? Absolutely not, they spend billions of dollars on that, but in return they make enormous earnings through advertising. Whenever you search for something on google paid ads appear to you, even if you do not click on them. Google earns money by showing them to you, and if you click, they earn even more.

Now, if the dominance of Google on the web disappears, those dollars will disappear.


Google may be shaking now, or doing their best to overcome this situation. We have to wait and see.