, Nodepvp.com Review – The New Gambling and Play to Earn site With BEP20 Coins Payment System Is It a Scam or Paying? ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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Nodepvp.com Review – The New Gambling and Play to Earn site With BEP20 Coins Payment System Is It a Scam or Paying?


Play to earn new webbsite 2023 review of Nodepvp.com

In Nodepvp.com review we will get to know more about it, and about earn to play websites, and the review will let us know if Nodepvp.com is a scam or legit, and its cashout limit and payments proofs.

What is Nodepvp.com?

It is a decentralized atmosphere of player versus player video games in which  ( nodepvp token ) will be used as rewarding money for decentralized applications.

And they claim their ecosystem has 0% scamming or hacking.

What is PVP token?

It is the official token of  Nodepvp.com play to earn website, based on the Binance BEP20 chain and can be bought by the internal exchanger within Nodepvp.com website.

The exchanger says: each 1000 PVP tokens = 0.00232253BNB, and this is the minimum cashout limit.

But to get the cashout you need to get 15 referrals.

Does Nodepvp.com have any social media pages?

Yes, they have a Telegram channel, and a Twitter page, and a Medium page.

How to make money with Nodepvp.com?

Ther are more than one way to make money at Nodepvp.com.


How to play in Nodepvp.com?
when you click on the coinflip section, it will lead you to the next page like in the picture, and you will see other people offering to gamble you.
And when you click join you will be led to the other page where you will lose your money, as I expect.

Promotional code

Wher you add a password to get tokens in return.

Free coins

A faucet in Nodepvp.com that gives you 15 tokens each hour.

Staking NDP

It gves you 3% daily forever.

Staking BNB

It gives you 3% daily forever. Starting from 0.01BNB.

BNB coinflip

Coming soon.

I use those measures before giving a rating to any site, Please read this post HERE


  • New idea. 


  • 15 referrals to get paid.
  • Only one payment processor that doesn't have real value now.

Nodepvp.com rating:

It is a very dangerous earn to play website that depends on its own BEP20 token.
And what about bringing 15 referrals to be eligible to get paid? Are the kidding?
This site is total waste of time. Do not come near it. i do not recommend wasting others' time by promoting it.