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Image Review a Scam or Legit CPM-CPC Advertising Network?

Waht is this advertising banners network as adsense alternative in 2023 with low cashout limit

Welcome to review, a new CPM and CPC network, a Google adsense alternative. Is it a scam or paying? And what are its features and cashout methods and limits? 

What is is a network that allows advertisers to add their ads on other people's websites, and allows publishers to add an HTML code that will show those banners on their sites to be rewarded in return. pays for impressions and for clicks. This means publishers may get more earning possibilities from their website traffic.

Orquidea is a good alternative of Google adsense because it has no restrictions for countries, and no KYC feature.

They work by investing in digital media traffic, they increase the monetization of digital content as a media agency. Review a Scam or Legit CPM-CPC Network? review: how to register in cpm and cpc network
Any publisher must follow these steps:

You have to fill a form like in the picture, then the support team will contact you by email, and will know more info about your site, then if they approve to add your site, 

The next step is that they will give you an ad.txt to be added to your website.

The last one is the HTML codes to be placed on your website or blog.

What are the adspaces available in

Orquidea network provides these adspaces to be added to publishers, sites:
  • Banner ads: have many sizes, such as: 160 x 600 - 180 x 150 - 216 x 54 - 300 x 100 - 300 x 250 - 300 x 600 - 320 x 480 - 320 x 50 - 336 x 280 - 480 x 320 - 728 x 90 - 970 x 250 - 970 x 90.
  • Native ads: Will flow in a space of your posts and pages.
  • Video ads:  Will show a video in a corner of your site, it is the one that gives the highest earnings.

Why to use

  1. There are benefits for using banners and other ads:
  2. Good alternative of Google adsense.
  3. No porn, adult banners or ads.
  4. Plenty of ads are shown on your website.
  5. More than 1000 pubishers all round the world.
  6. No bugs, or issues after adding the HTML code.
  7. Earnings and statistics are updated every 24 hours.
  8. gives more options for publishers because they provide ads from other advertising networks.
  9. Low cashou limit. Review a Scam or Legit CPM-CPC Advertising Network?

What are the minimum cashout limit and processors in

The minimum cashout is only $10 pays to;  Bank wire, Paypal (Via Tipalti) or Cryptocurrencies (BTC or USDT).

Is a scam or legit?

At the end of the review of I can say that is a good advertising network,
i only added their banners today but I think it has poentials to grow in the uture.