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Image Review Is It a Scam or Paying Low Cashout Paid to Click Site?


low cashout paid to click website paying in 2023

Welcome to review, a new PTC (paid to click) website with a low cashout limit.

Attention: this is not a sponsored review, and the reason I'm telling you that is the fact they added $2.5 in my account, I got my payment today, then I have to write areview about it, maybe you can make some funds there.

What is is a GPT (get paid to)  website, you can make money there by doing many tasks, each one of them gives you earnings in your main balance, and when your balance reaches $0.25 yocan request withdraw.

How to make money in

There are multiple ways to earn funds in and they are:

Clicking ads.

Watching videos.

Paid to sign up tasks.

Revenue share.

Head or tale (gambling game).

Minimum cashout and wallets in website has a very cashout limit of $0.25.

It offers payments by many ewallets, but whaen I requested withdraw they offered it only with: AirTM, Payeer, Perfectmoney, USDT.

Advertise on

By adding funds from paypal, Payeer, Perfectmoney or USDT. you can advertise with very low prices, but be noted that you can't add funds from your main balance to purchase balance.

Advertise with paypal, payeer, perfectmoney, USDT

I use those measures before giving rating to any site please read this post HERE


  • Low cashout.
  • Good list of earning options.
  • Good design.
  • High earnings.
  • No investment. 


  • One payment every month for free users.
  • No forum. rating:

I gave it the score 70% because it gives high earnings compared with other similar PTC websites. 5 cents daily from ads, and 3 cents from videos, and it has a vow cashout, if you click 10 ads and video ads and do some ofers you can reach the minimum cashout in one day,then you can judge on it.So, Let's give it a try since it is free to use.
You can register from HERE