, Videoclix.net Review is Videoclix A Scam or Paying PTC? ~ Payeer, Perfectmoney & Faucetpay earnings
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Videoclix.net Review is Videoclix A Scam or Paying PTC?

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 Videoclix.net is a paid-to-click website. This site is online since 2017. In this review we will check if Videoclix is a scam or paying paid to click site? And what is the minimum cashout limit and payment methods?

What is Videoclix?

Videoclix.net is a website that rewards you for making things online, and you can make money with Videoclix.net by these ways.

How to make money with Videoclix.net?

  1. Video PTC: where you watch youtube ads for money
  2. Video grid
  3. Rotator ads where you get $0.0001 for each link you visit
  4. Paid to sign up
  5. Traffic exchange
  6. Revenue shares; investment price $2. The total return after 240 days is $2.4    
  7. Daily tasks bonus: do these tasks every day to get money in return, you have to click 10 ads for  Video PTC, Traffic exchange, Rotator ads.
  8. Achievement Bonus: you have to click a certain number of clicks and to deposit money as well.
  9. Contests

Is there any upgrade in Videoclix.net ?

Yes there are 3 upgrades:
DurationLifetime30 days90 days180 days365 days
Apr 24th, 2023 23:59)
Apr 24th, 2023 23:59)
Apr 24th, 2023 23:59)
Apr 24th, 2023 23:59)

Is there rented referrals option on Videoclix?

Yes and you can rent 3 referrals for $0.75, you have to click 4 ads daily to earn from referrlas clicks next day.

What are payment methods and limits on Videoclix.net ?

Videoclix.net  has a minimum cashout limit of $1, and it pays to PayPal, Payeer, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin (BlockChain), Coin2send, Bitcoin (BTC), Payoneer, Faucetpay.

Advertising on Videoclix.net :

You can advertise in Videoclix.net  with many ad options ad 
website,Videoclix.net,Videoclix,advertising,cashout,Crypto,paying,faucetpay,review,referrals,perfectmoey,Faucet,Payeer,Scam,paid to click,ptc,video, youtube,

 Please read this post HERE


  • Good earnings.
  • Payeer, Perfectmoney and Faucetpay payments.
  • Low advertising prices.


  • Upgrades and rented referrals.
  • Non licensed script.

Videoclix.net rating:

I gave Videoclix a score of very bad because I had a very bad experience with it. In 2019 I won the referral contest but the owner refused to give me the balance because (I wasn't active on his website). This clearly shows that he is not willing to pay his members. Usually, contests have trolls and a way of cheating 99% in every site I used before. I guess he was very happy I wasn't active, so the prize was given to him.
You can register HERE
Videoclix.net Review is Videoclix A Scam or Paying PTC?