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Gotpaid.net Review: gotpaid Scam or Paying

Gotpaid.net Review: Is Gotpaid A Scam or A Paying (PTC) Paid to Click Website?

the main page of Gotpaid.ne a new ptc with licensed script with low ruble Payeer cashout limit.

Gotpaid.net is a new low cashout PTC website launched on 20/Apr/2023 if in this review, we'll check if Gotpaid.net is a scam or paying? and you may find payment proof in this review as well.

What is Gotpaid.net?

Gotpaid.net is an online site that rewards you with Russian Ruble to Payeer wallet just for clicking ads and doing other simple tasks.

How to make money with Gotpaid.net?

There are many earning methods in this website like the following:

Paid to click ads

Watch unlimited Youtube videos.

Paid to sign up offers.

Paid to promote leaderboard: for each referral and 1000 vsits to your referral link you will get 10 rubles.

Revenue shares: each one you buy gives you 100 ad credits, 1000 banner credits and ₽11 for 11 days

This means an ROI of 121% in 11 days (too much earnings).

Payments in Gotpaid.net

The minimum cashout limit is 5 rubles with no fees.

The only payment processor is Payeer.

Gotpaid.net rating is 60%


  • Good design.
  • licensed script.
  • High earnings.
  • low cashout limit.
  • Low advertising prices.


  • Revenue shares.
  • With all of these high earnings it may turn into a scam soon.
  • Too good to be true.

Gotpaid.net rating:

I gave Gotpaid.net a trust score of 60%, even I wanted to give it a higher rate, but it has too high earnings opportunities that may make it turn to scam very soon.

But on the other hand, since it's free to use, we should try it for sure. Another good thing s that the advertising prices are low, even if to scam, we may still use it to promote our referral links.

You can register at Gotpaid.ne HERE.