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Image review: A new Decentralized Crypto-Exchange With Two Airdrops.

apr,airdrops, review,Featured,Swapos,video,SWP,,Airdrop,token,ethereum,referral,ERC-20,review,dex,Swapos token, is a new crypto-exchange (DEX) with two airdrops, launched in April 2023. is a new decentralized exchange that offers swaps and farming with low fees. If you're a bounty hunter, you have to participate in pre-launch events like what is in the review.

What is And what does

It is a crypto-exchange with Ethereum promising members to give them all crypto-exchange services with very low fees. review: A new Decentralized Crypto-Exchange With Two Airdrops. offers the following:

Low fees, Staking, SWP token that has great tokenomics, insurance, referral system, farming with a high APR. 

What is SWP token?

n review we'll talk about SWP tokens. Swapos token SWP is the special token of this swap- exchange and will be launched on the ERC-20, Ethereum chain.

It has a max supply of 300,000000 tokens, and 100,000 tokens will be distributed in the pre-launch phase, and the starting supply will be 5,000,000 SWP tokens.

SWP tokens will be used for the staking, farming, voting and referral rewards usage.

What is the price of SWP token?

It will have the initial price of $1, and you must know that it is not listed on any other exchange than Swapos itself.

Referral program in Swapos:

It will give you 10% of your referral earning from staking pools and farming.

What are the social pages of Swapos?

They have a twitter page, a medium account, a tealgram channel and group, and their docs are here

How to participate in pre-launch event?

Please use our link, HERE.

Then follow the steps in this video: review: A new Decentralized Crypto-Exchange With Two Airdrops.