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Adhives.com Review Scam or Paying


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Adhives.com is an online faucet and clicking ads website. It is based in Slovenia and offers users the ability to earn money from clicking ads, viewing ads and completing simple tasks. The site pays its members with FaucetPay.io, a wallet for cryptocurrencies. However, this is not a very profitable website as there is a minimum cashout of 1 Satochi and also, there are several reviews that point to this could be a scam website.

The majority of Adhives reviews claim that the site consists of too many ads, which makes it nearly impossible to navigate or do anything on the page. Besides, the earnings are very low, so users soon realise that the investment of time it takes to use this website isn't worth it. Moreover, the members have complained about the slow conversion process of FaucetPay.io which makes them wait for their rewards for longer periods of time than expected.

On top of that, there have also been reports of the website freezing up at times, where users are asked to re-validate their accounts for no apparent reason. This could make people think twice before investing their time and energy into this website.

On the other hand, there are some advantages to the website. The ads on the website are useful and informative and can help generate traffic to the website, which can be a great help if the owner wishes to promote any product or service. Moreover, some members are able to achieve their minimum cashouts, earning a few Satoshis.

Overall, Adhives.com doesn't seem like a very profitable website. There are too many ads and too little earnings, as well as reports of freezing and scams. The only positive side to using the website are the informative ads, which if utilized correctly, can provide good traffic to websites. Before investing time and energy into this website, it's better to read reviews, conduct research and make an informed decision.

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