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Khijobux.info Review: Scam or Paying

Khijobux.info is a dangerous paid-to-click site that uses a non-licensed copy of Evolution Script.

Khijobux.info is a dangerous paid-to-click site that uses a non-licensed copy of Evolution Script. This script is a platform used to create and maintain websites that provide users with the opportunity to earn money for performing certain tasks. Khijobux.info is using a pirated version of this software, which makes it extremely vulnerable to malicious hackers, as well as unethical online marketers.

This website is run from an offshore host, so it is difficult to find reliable information about the owners of the website. It is known, however, that the website has been in operation since 2008, yet it has never been duly registered with any regulatory body. This raises serious concerns about the website’s legitimacy and its potential for conducting activities that violate the law.

Khijobux.info claims to pay users for performing simple tasks such as clicking on advertisements, taking surveys and engaging in tasks such as data entry, transcription, and content writing. However, there is no proof that they actually honor these payments, and there have been numerous complaints from users who gave up after not being paid.

It is scary to think that this website is using a pirated script and seems to have no legitimate business plan. Not only is this type of business illegal, but it also poses a major security risk to users, since it is possible that hackers or unethical marketers can make use of the website to obtain personal information or solicit private data from the users.

It is important to always be careful when dealing with websites that are not registered with a legitimate business authority. While Khijobux.info may seem like an appealing way to make some extra cash, it is always best to stay away from such sites as they are potential security risks and could be linked to fraudulent activities.

Khijobux.info's rating is 10%.