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Cryptohits.io Review: Is Cryptohits Scam or Paying PTC And Faucet

 Cryptohits.io is an innovative website that pays its members to do various activities such as click ads, surf ads, do offerwalls, complete shortlinks, enter contests, and even gamble in a game. Cryptohits offers its members a way to generate extra income by simply spending their free time on the website.

The website has a variety of activities, such as PTC (pay-to-click) ads, offer walls, contests, and the go-to game that offers members the chance to win more cryptocurrency. The PTC ads are simple tasks that are relatively easy to complete, and users are rewarded with cryptocurrency for their time. The offer walls are similar to surveys, but users must complete various tasks before they can collect their cryptocurrency.

The contests section of the website provides users the opportunity to compete for cryptocurrency rewards. Cryptohits also has a section for completing shortlinks, which require users to complete a task before they are able to receive their reward. Additionally, the website offers a gambling game, which is a card game where users can attempt to win more cryptocurrency.

All in all, Cryptohits offers an easy and convenient way for users to generate extra income by completing simple tasks. Through PTC ads, offer walls, contests, shortlinks, and the gambling game, Cryptohits provides members with a unique opportunity to earn more cryptocurrency in their spare time.

Advertising in Cryptohits.io

Cryptohits.io is the ultimate platform to advertise PTC with or without frame. With competitive pricing starting from just 2 satoshis per ad view, you can reach out to a wide audience of potential customers. We are a well-established and trusted company in the industry that provides high-quality services with reliable customer support. Our platform offers various types of ads, including text, banner, and pop-up. We also provide detailed analytics so you can track the performance of your ads. Our platform is easy to use and secure, and we provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up and use your ads. So if you're looking to reach out to a large audience and maximize your return on investment, then Cryptohits.io is the perfect choice for you.

How to get paid with Cryptohits.io?

Just click 4 ads, and earn only 10 satoshis, and after that withdraw your earning instantly to faucetpay.io

Is Cryptohits.io scam or Paying?

For now it is paying. I got paid from the fist day.

Cryptohits.io's rating is 65%

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