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Breaking News: The Third Round TSCS Airdrop Event is Here! Get Ready for August 1, 2023!

The TSCS airdrop event is designed to reward holders of certain tokens with additional tokens based on their holdings. This event is open to holders o

 August 1, 2023 marks an exciting day for supporters of TrueSquareCoin (TSCS) — the official start of the Third Round TSCS Airdrop Event. Taking place from 4:00 PM (UTC) to 4:00 PM (UTC) on August 1st, this event is sure to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market.

This recent Airdrop will allow all eligible individuals to claim a free share of TSCS. The third round will also provide more liquidity to the cryptocurrency market by creating more competition between buyers and sellers.

The process of claiming a reward from the Airdrop is relatively straight forward and is available to anyone with a account and participating in SuperEX events. All that is required is to check the requirements in the picture below. Once receiving approval from the system, all eligible individuals will receive their share of TSCS.

As with any cryptocurrency, it is wise to do ones own research before investing. Compare fees, transaction times, availability worldwide, and other factors to make sure one is getting the best possible experience when transacting. The goal of TSCS is to create a global, decentralized, secure, and reliable financial system, making it the ideal currency for anyone looking to make global payments or investments.

The Third Round TSCS Airdrop Event on August 1, 2023 is sure to be an exciting time for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market. With its potential to provide greater liquidity to the market, it could be the start of something great for TSCS— and for cryptocurrency as a whole.

You can check the requirements from here:

TSCS Airdrop Event
TSCS Airdrop Event Requirements

Register in SuprEX HERE