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ET's 1st anniversary


Join ET's 1st Anniversary Celebration and Win Exciting Rewards on SuperEx!
ET's 1st anniversary

Today marks the beginning of a very special celebration for the ET community: the 1st anniversary of ET’s launch on SuperEx! To commemorate this special occasion, ET is hosting a month-long celebration with a variety of exciting events and rewards.

From September 1 to September 30, ET users will be able to participate in special events that will reward them with up to 310 $USDT in ET rewards. In addition, ET users will also get a share of the 200M USD #TSCS airdrop that will be distributed throughout the month.

The celebration will kick off with a special “ET Anniversary Giveaway” where users will be able to win up to 310 $USDT in ET rewards. The giveaway will start on September 1st and will run until September 30th. To qualify, users will need to complete the tasks outlined in the special giveaway page.

Throughout the month, ET will be hosting various activities and promotions that will allow users to earn rewards and prizes. These activities will include a variety of events such as quizzes, contests, and social media challenges. By participating in these activities, users will be able to earn rewards ranging from ET rewards to airdrops of TSCS tokens.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the celebration is the 200M USD #TSCS airdrop that will be distributed to the ET community. This airdrop will be distributed to all users who join the ET Anniversary celebration and follow the ET Twitter account. Users will need to follow the instructions outlined in the ET Anniversary page in order to qualify for the airdrop.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the ET Anniversary celebration and get ready to win up to 310 $USDT in ET rewards and get a slice of the 200M USD #TSCS airdrop! The ET Anniversary celebration is sure to be an event to remember, so don’t miss out!

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It’s time to celebrate! ET’s 1st Anniversary Celebration kicks off on September 1st and you’re invited to join the party! The celebration will include a chance to win up to 310 $USDT in ET rewards and share a slice of the 200M USD #TSCS airdrop!

SuperEx is the place to be for this month of festivities and benefits. As part of the celebration, ET will be offering a variety of promotions and bonuses, including daily rewards for users who participate in the anniversary activities. There will also be an exclusive airdrop of 200M USD worth of #TSCS tokens to the ET community.

In addition to the rewards and airdrop, ET will be hosting a series of events throughout the month to commemorate their first anniversary. These events will include giveaways, competitions, and other activities that will give users a chance to win even more rewards.

The anniversary celebration is a great opportunity for ET users to show their support and appreciation for the platform and its community. Join us on SuperEx and take part in the festivities to get your share of the rewards and airdrop! Let’s celebrate ET’s first anniversary in style! #ETAnniversary #SuperEx