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What if Capcom Releases A Resident Evil Cryptocurrency? Will it Have an Impact on Fans and Profitability?

What if Capcom Releases A Resident Evil Cryptocurrency? Will it Have an Impact on Fans and Profitability?
Resident Evil Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in recent years, with many industries considering their integration into existing systems. In a hypothetical scenario, let's envision if Capcom decided to create a cryptocurrency specifically for its popular franchise, Resident Evil. This article explores the concept of a "Resident Evil coin/token," how it could benefit fans through purchasing upgrades and costumes, games and movies as well as DLCs (NFT), while also examining whether such a venture would be profitable compared to football club currencies.

What is Resident evil game series?

Resident Evil is a horror-themed action-adventure game series created by Capcom, featuring a series of survival horror video games. The series is credited with popularizing the survival horror genre, and the first game in the series is widely considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time. The series follows the adventures of a group of protagonists as they battle against a variety of supernatural enemies, including zombies, giant spiders, and mutated monsters. The games are set in a variety of locations, including a zombie-infested mansion, a secret underground laboratory, and a virus-ravaged city. The series also features a variety of puzzles, exploration, and combat elements. In addition to the main series, there are also several spin-off games, books, comics, and films. Resident Evil is one of the most popular and influential video game series of all time, and continues to be a major influence on the horror genre.

 Introducing the imaginary Resident Evil Coin/Token

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8 Bit Style

First of all, Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many companies have recognized the potential of releasing their own digital currencies. Companies are releasing cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons, including providing an easy and secure way to transfer money between customers and businesses, creating a new way to raise capital, and increasing customer loyalty. Cryptocurrencies offer companies the ability to quickly and securely transfer money, making them attractive to businesses that need to move funds quickly and without the hassle of traditional banking methods. Additionally, launching a cryptocurrency can be a great way for companies to raise capital, allowing them to offer tokens to investors in exchange for funds. Finally, companies can use cryptocurrencies to create loyalty programs and reward customers with tokens that can be used for discounts and other incentives. Overall, cryptocurrencies offer companies a unique way to transfer funds, raise capital, and increase customer loyalty, making them an attractive choice for many businesses.

leon keneddy holding a coin cartton comic stylesSo, according to the above lest's imagine this: RECoin is a cryptocurrency created specifically for fans of the Resident Evil franchise. This digital currency is designed to allow fans to engage in activities such as buying merchandise, trading items, and participating in online gaming tournaments in a secure and efficient manner. RECoin provides a unique platform for Resident Evil fans to interact, engage, and transact with each other using the power of blockchain technology. The currency also unlocks access to exclusive content, rewards, and incentives that are only available to RECoin holders. By leveraging the blockchain, RECoin allows users to make secure transactions with one another in a trustless, decentralized environment. For Resident Evil aficionados, RECoin is the ultimate way to get the most out of their fandom. 

Then, what are the potential benefits including enhanced fan engagement and loyalty?

For fans, a Resident Evil cryptocurrency could be an exciting way to show their support for the franchise. It could be used to purchase game-related items or fund fan-created projects. It could also be used to show appreciation for the developers and creators of the game, allowing them to benefit from the success of their work.

From a profitability standpoint, a Resident Evil cryptocurrency could also be beneficial. It could be used to attract investors and fans, providing a steady source of income for the company. Furthermore, having a cryptocurrency based on a popular franchise could open up opportunities for the company to access new markets and expand their reach.

Overall, the potential of a Resident Evil cryptocurrency is exciting. It could give fans a new way to show their support for the franchise and provide the company with a new source of income. It remains to be seen if Capcom will take the plunge and launch a Resident Evil cryptocurrency, but if they do, it could have a significant impact on both the fans and the company’s profitability.

Utilizing RE Coins/Tokens within Games

video games currency in video games world with joysticks and screens in the space
Video Games Currency

For the players, they could potentially use these RE coins or tokens within the Resident Evil video games. This could be used for in-game purchases, such as weapons, ammo, health packs, and other items. It could also be used to buy game-related items and services, such as character skins, new DLC's, or exclusive content. With a Resident Evil cryptocurrency, players could be rewarded for their in-game achievements with digital tokens. These tokens could be used to upgrade their characters, purchase additional items, or even trade with other players. The possibilities are endless. A Resident Evil cryptocurrency could open up a whole new world of gaming experiences and provide players with a more immersive and engaging way to experience the Resident Evil franchise.

What if we the generation of the 90's gamers had the chance to buy costumes and DLC's in PS1 era? Oh this would have been amazing.

As we said before the usage maybe dedicated to:

  • Buying upgrades or special items using tokens instead of traditional in-game currencies.
  • Unlocking exclusive costumes or character skins using these digital assets.
  • Accessing additional downloadable content (DLC) exclusively available via token purchases.

Expanding RE Coins/Tokens beyond Games 

The possibilities for utilizing RE coins/tokens outside of the gaming realm are expanding. While you can still use them to purchase gaming products, you can now also use them to purchase movies, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). NFTs are digital replicas of physical merchandise, such as Nintendo's Amiibo toys, and can be used as a virtual collection. You can also now purchase real-world goods with RE coins/tokens, ranging from Resident Evil foods to clothes to furniture. You'll need to check with your chosen retailer to see if they accept these tokens, but more and more are starting to recognize them as a legitimate payment method. With RE coins/tokens being used outside the gaming realm, it not only increases their value but also opens up a whole new world of possibilities to its holders. You can now use your tokens to purchase a wider range of products, giving you a greater flexibility in using/trading them. (Imagine yourself buying dog zombies collection of NFT's).

Is It Profitable? Comparisons with Football Club Currencies

cartoon style rersident evil characters leon and claire playing soccer in a stadium filled with zombie audience
Leon And Claire Against Umbrella Football Club

This question can be phrased in another way, why would a football club Like Manchester city or Real Madrid has its own digital currency? And why a video game franchise like Resident Evil doesn't have?  

this question will cover all of these factors:

1.Fan Engagement and Monetary Potential:

 Discussing trends observed in the gaming industry with player engagement and microtransactions. 

Comparing fan basesize of Resident Evil to those of football clubs and how it may impact monetary outcomes.

2.Market Demand and Value Perception:

Analyzing the current cryptocurrency market, including the volatility of values and existing demand from crypto enthusiasts. Evaluating potential uptake within the Resident Evil fan community for this new form of digital currency compared to football club currencies

3.Revenue Streams & Partnerships: Discussing possible revenue sources,such as selling tokens directly or partnerings with exchanges for trading REcoins/tokens Exploring possible partnerships with gaming platforms,digitalstores,and payment providers for enhanced access and acceptance.

4.Regulatory Considerations: Addressing legal and regulatory challenges associated with launching such a cryptocurrency by examining existing paradigms within the space.

Ultimately, launching a cryptocurrency for Resident Evil or any other video game franchise can be a profitable venture as long as the demand and the value perception by the fans is there. Football clubs have been able to capitalize on their fan basesize and create their own digital currency. This may serve as a model for Resident Evil or any other video game franchise. Nevertheless, It is important to consider the market demand and value perception and to ensure that there are revenue streams and partnerships in place to facilitate the success of the currency. Moreover, regulatory considerations must be taken into account in order to comply with existing laws and regulations.

Capcom can sell original Resident Evil mods

This could be a great way for Capcom to increase revenue and make their products more accessible to gamers. It could also help them to better connect with their fan base and give them a sense of ownership and control over their purchases. With their own cryptocurrency, Capcom could potentially offer exclusive items and content that can be bought only with their own currency. This could be a great way to encourage players to keep playing and buying, as well as giving them the chance to exchange their currency for in-game items or even real-world merchandise. Not only would this create a more immersive experience for players, but it could also open up a whole new world of possibilities for Capcom. They could even offer limited edition items and rare finds that could only be accessed by those with enough of their own currency. With their own cryptocurrency, Capcom could also potentially create a platform for players to trade their currency with each other, opening up a whole new avenue of revenue and allowing players to customize their experience even further. All in all, creating their own cryptocurrency could be a great way for Capcom to increase their revenue and give players another way to enjoy their products.


As we have explored in-depth, the concept of a Resident Evil coin/token offers exciting possibilities for both fans and Capcom alike. The integration of cryptocurrencies into gaming experiences can enhance engagement while providing new avenues for revenue generation. However, profitability remains contingent upon various factors such as market demand, value perception, regulatory considerations,and establishing fruitful partnerships with relevant entities within the industry.Comparing it with football club currencies illustrates both unique opportunities and some potential challenges.Capcom would need to carefully evaluate these aspects before diving into creating their own digital currency.This hypothetical venture holds immense promise but requires astute implementation strategies that align with evolving trends,customer expectations ,anonymity,date protection ,security level & ease-of-use.if executed effectively,this initiative could reshape how fans engage,reside evil ecosystem, & drive profitability for the company

Final word:

I have been a fan of the Resident Evil game since the nineties, as I said earlier, and all that is in the previous article are questions about if such a currency existed when we used to spend hours playing old versions of the game, so what was the effect of this on us and on the series in general? Thank you for stopping by, and I hope with all my heart that you will kindly give me your comments.