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Xahau (XAH) Token Mint Offers on Bitrue.com

what is Xahau (XAH) Token
Xahau (XAH) Token Mint Offers on Bitrue.com 

Bitrue.com is celebrating the listing of Xahau (XAH) token by offering the Xahau (XAH) Spot Trading Competition and New User Trading Referral promotion. This promotion is giving away prizes worth over $11,000 in total.

What is Xahau (XAH) Token?

Xahau (XAH) Token is a cryptocurrency token created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to provide users with the ability to securely store and trade digital assets. Xahau is a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform that allows users to securely store and trade their digital assets. The XAH token is the native token of the platform, and it serves as a medium of exchange for all transactions that occur on the platform.

Xahau is a secure and user-friendly platform that is designed to make it easy for anyone to buy, sell, and store digital assets. The platform is powered by smart contracts which allow users to securely store their assets and securely trade them with other users on the platform. The XAH token is the native token of the platform, and it serves as the currency used to facilitate transactions on the platform. All transactions are secured by the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that users’ transactions are secure and transparent.

The XAH token can be used to purchase digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets. It can also be used to pay transaction fees on the platform, and can be used to store digital assets securely. The XAH token is also used to pay for platform services such as decentralized exchanges, wallet services, and other features.

The Xahau platform has an open source code, meaning anyone can view the code and make changes to it to customize the platform for their own needs. This makes it easy for developers to create applications on the platform and integrate them into the Xahau ecosystem.

The Xahau platform also has a highly secure infrastructure, which is designed to protect users’ digital assets and ensure that transactions are secure. The platform also has a built-in dispute resolution system, which allows users to quickly and easily resolve disputes that may arise.

These promotions are a great opportunity for users to get involved in the Xahau (XAH) token and to gain rewards for their trading and referrals. Bitrue.com is committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform for its users and is excited to offer these promotions to further reward their users.

XAH Spot Trading Competition

Event Period: November 2nd, 2023 7:00 (UTC) - November 8th, 2023 7:00 (UTC)

Rankings by Trading Volume During the Event Period

1st Place2,000 USDT worth of XAH
2nd Place1,000 USDT worth of XAH
3rd Place500 USDT worth of XAH
4th Place and subsequent participating users Share of Prize Pool (2,500 USDT worth of XAH)

 New User Trading Referral

You have to refer three users to trade XAH will receive 10 USDT in XAH as a reward.

Event Period:November 2nd, 2023 7:00 (UTC) - November 8th, 2023 7:00 (UTC)

You can register in Bitrue from HERE 

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