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My New Strategy for Optimal Investment in Cryptocurrencies (Maximize Profit 2025)

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The primary goal of every investment is definitely profit, and in the field of cryptocurrency investment there is a specific season for these currencies during which they witness a significant rise in their prices. During this bull run season, some people achieve huge profits, and I myself strive to be one of those who maximize their profits. I invite you, dear visitor, to learn about my new strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies through this article and a series of subsequent articles.

What is a strategy ?

The concept of strategy in general: It is a wide range of methods, plans, and approaches used to reach the desired goals in the shortest possible time, with the least effort expended, with the highest efficiency, and with the greatest effectiveness.

Strategy is a flexible concept

The reason for constantly creating strategies is to embrace sudden changes in the environment surrounding any investment process. We have all noticed that the new currencies with lower market values are the ones that have achieved more jumps in price than the older currencies and the classic currencies.

Why and how to create a new strategy?

My own next strategy in the field of cryptocurrencies, based on experience, will be based on investing only in new cryptocurrencies with small market capitalizations and strong projects. These currencies, which can generate high profits, cover any loss, meaning that I will invest in approximately 50 currencies of various types, as I will seek to sell them at a profit estimated at 50 times or more for each one.

Based on the above, if one currency achieved the required profit estimated at 50 times (assuming the investment amount is equal for all currencies). This profit will cover the costs of the entire strategy. That is, it will return to me the original capital that I invested in all currencies, and as a result, everything in the portfolio for this strategy will be a net profit.

If you think this is a little dreamy, then that is your fault, but you are very wrong.

Some important notes

  1. I will be investing more than half of my capital in this strategy (this is about me).
  2. I will note each coin I purchased, the price at which I purchased it, and the date of purchase.
  3. I will only invest in meme coins minimally.
  4. If prices suddenly drop, I will buy again and update the recorded purchase price by calculating an average of the prices I purchased at in accordance with the number of pieces of the same currency in each purchase.
  5. I may sell part of the currency that gives me a high profit and buy other currencies or return to buy the same currency if it corrects after the rise.
  6. There will be a series of articles on currencies with a low market capitalization that have the potential to rise in price.
  7. All the currencies that I will mention I will either buy or I will indicate that they are no longer of high value to me.
  8. The strength of the currency project will depend on its partnerships, its team, and its ratings from major sites in general.
  9. The ultimate goal is to achieve the maximum profit during the next bull run.


Each of us has absolute freedom in how we manage our capital. If you like the way I work, you can donate to me by commenting, I don't want more than that from you. May these currencies, which have a low market value and high valuations, have a promising future and their prices will rise in a way that maximizes the profits of everyone who invests in them.

The goal of creating a blog is to profit from it. You may find subscription links on trading platforms. I publish them in order to receive commissions from referrals, but rest assured that I will not promote a platform that I do not trust and invest in myself.