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VAIOT's platform seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to digitize transactions and businesses. Its AI assistant offers Intelligent Contracts by harnessing the innovative capabilities of AI and blockchain.

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Under the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFAA), the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has granted the first license regulating Initial Virtual Financial Assets Offerings (IVFAOs). VAIOT, a Malta-based company, has successfully registered its whitepaper for its VAI token (VAI) with the MFSA after collaborating with an authorized VFA agent who serves as a liaison between the licensee and the authority.

What does VAI Offer?

I asked the Legal Assistant but this question: I want to know all that VAIOT offers (the added value).

. And this was its answer:

VAIOT offers AI-powered Sales and Legal Assistants, improving business processes and customer service. It also facilitates B2C and C2C transactions, including insurance.

They also says this on their site's main page:

VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants and on-chain Intelligent Contracts for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.

And te token allocation is like the picture below.

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VAIOT VAI Partnerships

VAIOT, a blockchain-based communication platform, has established strategic partnerships with leading tech giants such as IBM and Microsoft. These partnerships empower VAIOT to leverage the advanced capabilities and extensive reach of these tech titans to drive innovation and growth within its communication ecosystem.

IBM's collaboration with VAIOT focuses on integrating VAIOT's decentralized communication protocols into IBM's blockchain solutions. This integration enables IBM clients to enhance their communication infrastructure with secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective capabilities. By leveraging VAIOT's distributed ledger technology, IBM can offer its customers a scalable and reliable platform for secure data transmission and collaboration.


Microsoft's partnership with VAIOT revolves around the integration of VAIOT's communication services into Microsoft's Teams platform. This integration allows Microsoft Teams users to enjoy enhanced communication features within their familiar workspace, including secure video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing. By partnering with VAIOT, Microsoft can extend the capabilities of its collaboration platform, providing users with a comprehensive and seamless communication experience.

These partnerships with IBM and Microsoft not only validate VAIOT's technological prowess but also open up new avenues for growth and adoption. VAIOT can leverage the vast customer base and reputation of these tech giants to reach a wider audience and establish itself as a leading provider of decentralized communication solutions. By collaborating with industry leaders, VAIOT is well-positioned to drive the transformation of the communication landscape, offering innovative and secure communication services that meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals alike.

The Team

The team behind this token is fully doxxed, meaning that their identities are publicly known and verifiable. This level of transparency is essential for building trust with potential investors, as it demonstrates that the team is committed to accountability and integrity. Moreover, the team members have extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having worked on successful projects in the past. This experience gives them a deep understanding of the market and the technical expertise necessary to navigate the complex world of blockchain technology. By combining their doxxed identities with their proven track record, the team behind this token has established a strong foundation of credibility and competence, which is crucial for attracting investors and ensuring the long-term success of the project.

Conclusion VAIOT is a Hidden Gem

Overall, VAIOT (VAI) is a promising cryptocurrency that combines the transformative power of AI with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Its AI Marketplace, decentralized AI network, and developer tools position VAIOT as a potential leader in the convergence of AI and blockchain. As the adoption of AI continues to grow, VAIOT is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and establish itself as a valuable player in the crypto landscape.

This review is related to the 50X currencies strategy. I bought VAI at $0.17 on the 2nd of May 2024.
I think it is a good investment for the 2025 bull run.