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Recommended for beginners



I started making money online with 0$ in my wallets

And, I think you can do the same

It is not impossible to make money online, All you need is patience,Some courage and being a little smart.

These sites are ideal for those who do not have money to invest...

These are your first level in making money online 

Legitimate paid to click sites:

Keep using the as free user DO NOT INVEST.

This collection of PTC sites that are %100 trusted as free user with no cashpoint and low cashout
The owners of these sites are not good persons but they are paying.
I hate most of them they are liar pigs and pimps but they are paying if you follow the rules, and remember  NOT TO INVEST.
You can also get paid using faucetpay  for payments more than $0.5

All sites in this section has a cashout lower than 1$


Legitimate Crypto faucets & PTC:

They only pay with crypto and mainly to faucetpay or Expresscrypto
You have many earning methods here and you can make more earning by being active to get higher levels
the best things about them are the low cashout and instant payments.


Earnbitmoon - ultimate faucet !