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Do you want a cheap blogger designing and hosting?

What is your opinion about this blog? Is it professional ? Do you like it ? Do you want a similar blog for your online needs? I can design a blogger theme for you and add plugins and a hosting for a year. Designing and hosting prices Payeer Perfectmoney + Altcoins are accepted …

proxy6.net review

proxy6.net is a Russian company that sells paid Proxies services for cheap prices. Prices: Starting from $0.06 for 3 days to $5.3 for 3 months. Features: 1. Renew and auto renew for the IP. 2. 3 Types of Proxies. 3. Ability of changing the IP type. 4.Cheapest prices on the web. 5. Mult…


Jour-cards is a gift card store that allows you to buy many of the famous internet cards of many of the most famous digital services companies all around the globe. I really was happy to find a place to buy online using my PAYEER & PERFECTMONEY balances and I used this site to but …