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Videoclix.net Review is Videoclix A Scam or Paying PTC?

Videoclix.net is a paid-to-click website. This site is online since 2017. In this review we will check if Videoclix is a scam or paying paid to click site? And what is the minimum cashout limit and payment methods? What is Videoclix? Videoclix.net is a website that rewards you for making …

Ezpzbux.com Review is Ezpzbux A Scam or Paying PTC?

Ezpzbux.com is a paid to click site that was launched in 2020, in this review we will check if Ezpzbux is a scam or patying paid to clik website, and will know the minimum cashout limit and earning methods in it. What is Ezpzbux? Ezpzbux.com is a website that rewards its members in point…

Chequity.io Review: How to Get Money from Faucet, Tasks, Offers and Discord with Chequity.io

In Chequity.io Review: you will know about Chequity.io, the earning site that gives you earnings in crypto fo doing tasks and claiming faucets and from discord. What is Chequity.io? I saw this site in an offerwall, and after registering in it I found it basically, a gpt that pays for do…

Holochain.cc is A Scam!!

Holochain.cc is A Scam!! In holochain.cc review you learn more about this faucet ad PTC website that gives free crypto and we will check its low cashout to discover if it's scam or paying? What is Holochain.cc website? Holochain.cc is a rewarding platform that pays members for doing…

Probux.org IS A SCAM.

In this review we will check about Probux.org earnings and payment proofs and opinions and we'll check whether if Probux.org scam or paying? please check payment proofs in the comments below. Probux.org  a new  Faucet  paying crypto for doing easy tasks.   Probux.org  minimum cashout …

Micro-expay.COM REVIEW IS Micro-expay SCAM faucet and exchange OR LEGIT?

Hello dear readers to Micro-expay review, Micro-expay is a wallet, faucet, revshare and an exhange. In this review we will know more about it and we will check whether if Micro-expay is scam or legit. Micro-expay is a micro wallet that has its own earning options, not only that it has e…


FAUCETSFLY.COM   a new  Faucet  paying crypto for doing easy tasks. FAUCETSFLY.COM  has a minimum cashout limit of 10000 points = 0.1$, it pays to faucetpay and with these coins: Bitcoin, Tether, Zcash, BH, LTC, ETH, Binance, Feyorra,DGB, DASH, Dogecoin. FAUCETSFLY.COM pays its members to…