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Payeer Perfectmoney blog

Is it the end of HYIP industry?

All HYIP sites a re scam. Indeed they are, But didn't we make money because of it? I made money with them but I don't like to stay edgy all the time waiting to get my money back then trying to relax when making earnings from them. When someone uses HYIP sites he must consider that… review is Pipsbux scam or paying? is a new PTC site launched in May 2022. In this review we are going to check if scam or paying.. is a new PTC site launched in May 2022. In this review we are going to check if scam or paying.. has a licensed evolution script which is a go…

A new Token with an airdrop in the trusted exchange is a very trusted exchange with many earning option in this review we will learn about new airdrop. If you do not know you can read our review about it : Also in this review you will learn about BTR token.… review - Can we make money with is a new staking and investment site, It belongs to a known owner, In this review we will check if  is scam or paying?  What are  the investment plans in gives 2 investing plans: The first plan here is to mine PancakeSwap token (CAKE) toke… is an exchange that doesn't need KYC with many earning options.

We all hate KYC, don't we? doesn't require it and it also has many earning options included. I really got to know this exchange because of HNT token I wanted to get HNT token because I see it has potentials. is listed in coinmarketcap and it is 106 in the global r…

ABC's of making money online (Fundamentals for beginners).

Hang in there, If you do not know how to make money online please give this post 2 minutes of your time. Basically, Making money online can bring you additional passive income depending on many factors such as your talents, hard work, intelligence and creativity. But you have to keep in …

How to know scam PTC from the first look.

Scam sites are everywhere, But how to discover them? in this article I'll teach you how to figure out that this PTC is related to a scammer easily from the first look. There are certain persons that own and promote the same scam sites but with different names and domains. me myself us…

Yield farming is a legitimate alternative of hyip ( As an example.

HYIP is a very risky  investment and many people use yield farming in crypto as a legitimate alternative of it is an example of yield farming earnings. What is is an exchange launched in 2018 and started by making a giveaway of 0.02 ETH and I was one of… review _ can we make money with ? is a PTC and revshare site in this review we are going to check if we can make money with What to know about Gptcafe? This site was launched in beta phase couple of months ago now it is fully launched I was paid before from Gptcafe and I think the admin is a good …

Cheap metaverse coins to watch in 2022

As we see in the market Metaverse coins and token are the trend of crypto these days, And there are Cheap Metaverse coins to watch in 2022 because they potentials to grow in price. Therefor let;s check them in this review First of all Metaverse is a virtual reality which you can have in i…