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The DYDX Token: A Hidden Gem in the Crypto World

DYDX logo The DYDX token is a hidden gem in the crypto world. It is a utility token that provides access to the DYDX protocol, which is a decentralized lending and margin Trading platform built on Ethereum. The DYDX token is required to use the platform and its services. The DYDX protocol…

Swapos.org review: A new Decentralized Crypto-Exchange With Two Airdrops.

Swapos.org is a new crypto-exchange (DEX) with two airdrops, launched in April 2023. Swapos.org is a new decentralized exchange that offers swaps and farming with low fees. If you're a bounty hunter, you have to participate in Swapos.org pre-launch events like what is in the Swapos.or…