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Videoclix.net Review is Videoclix A Scam or Paying PTC?

Videoclix.net is a paid-to-click website. This site is online since 2017. In this review we will check if Videoclix is a scam or paying paid to click site? And what is the minimum cashout limit and payment methods? What is Videoclix? Videoclix.net is a website that rewards you for making …

Ezpzbux.com Review is Ezpzbux A Scam or Paying PTC?

Ezpzbux.com is a paid to click site that was launched in 2020, in this review we will check if Ezpzbux is a scam or patying paid to clik website, and will know the minimum cashout limit and earning methods in it. What is Ezpzbux? Ezpzbux.com is a website that rewards its members in point…

AdBuxPro.com Review is AdBuxPro A Scam or Paying PTC?

At AdBuxPro.com you will learn how to make money with the AdBuxPro PTC website from your home, and will check whether AdBuxPro.com is a scam or paying paid to click site. What is AdBuxPro.com? AdBuxPro is a site, it pays members for clicking ads and watching them, like any other PTC or pa…

GrandPTC.info Review is GrandPTC A Scam or Paying PTC?

In GrandPTC.info review will know more about GrandPTC website, and it's minimum cashout limit and processors, and whether it is a scam or paying paid to click website. What is GrandPTC.info website? GrandPTC.info is a paid to click,and a get paid to do tasks website, where you trade …

BBNex.com – The New Gpt With BEP20 Coins Payment System Is It a Scam or Paying?

BBNex.com is a new GPT site pays for clicking ads and participating in BB coin airdrops.  BBNex.com offers payments with their BB token on Binance smart chain that they say it will have its own chain in their white paper. What is BEP20 chain? BEP20 is a new standard for tokens on the Bin…

Undlle.com Review Is It a Scam or Paying Low Cashout Paid to Click Site?

Welcome to Undlle.com review, a new PTC (paid to click) website with a low cashout limit. Attention: this is not a sponsored review, and the reason I'm telling you that is the fact they added $2.5 in my account, I got my payment today, then I have to write areview about it, maybe y…

Cikne.com is a Scam!!

Cikne.com is a Scam!! Cikne.com review will teach you how to use this new paid to click and PTP low cashout website, and to know if it is scam or legit? What is Cikne.com? Cikne.com is a complete GPT site that has too many earning methods that allow users to earn free money from home with…

The Best Way To Get Paid To Take Surveys: OffersBux.Com

In offersbux.com review I will talk about how good this website is for making quick and easy money from home by doing surveys, offers, watching ads, clicking videos and its low cash out. What is offersbux.com? OffersBux.Com is a GPT website that provides users with the opportunity to make…

For PTC clickers: Where is Vegas59?

I do not remember the name correctly, Don't you realise his disapperance? He was for a long time one of the famous PTC promoters, did he die? He claimed that he was a retired German guy even I thought he was a Bengal guy, No problem I hope he is OK even I think I know who he is now. …


GMBUX.COM   Is a new  PTC  launched at 03/01/2023, GMBUX.COM  has a good design and a very high cashout of 5$. GMBUX.COM has advertising prices start from 2$ for 1000 clicks. GMBUX.COM  pays for clicking ads,offers, ad prize and grid. I use those measure before giving rating to any site p…