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Payeer Perfectmoney blog



Epaycore is a new e-wallet launched at 2020-12-08 for a Ukranian owners .

They say about their services

Benefit to you and your clients

Individual solutions for the business and partners with big money cycle. A personal manager, low fees, and other options are available.

Depositing money in Epaycore:

There are lot of options to fill your wallet like in the picture and as you may notice PM and advcash and crypto has no fees when adding money to epaycore.

Depositing money in Epaycore:

In this section you will find all wallets you can send money to including bank transfer with fees in the picture below

Exchanging money in Epaycore:

After adding funds to your wallet you can exchange between your currencies.
Of course there are fees for this operation and the exchange rates are changed from time to another regarding to the changes in currencies prices

Mass payments in Epaycore:

This option allows you to make auto regular payments, After you download the form you must manage to make similar one to your business and then you have to upload it to epaycore to execute them by the system.

Receiving payments in Epaycore:

This section is for sites owners and online apps and e-shops owners. It llows them to receive payments from visitors and clients to their Epaycore wallets instantly.


  • Registering is opened to all countries
  • Trusted by many members
  • Accepts many other currencies for deposit and withdraw.
  • Accepts HYIP sites.


  • Never high transfer fee to Perfectmoney.
  • Still new wallet with no much support from many big websites.
  • No PTC sites using it.
I still have no balance in Epaycore and never tested it for real so I can not rate it yet.
You can register from HERE or  from the banner



  1. i got a payment to epaycore and sent it to Perfectmoney immediately

    17:59 04.12.21 Receive 436380647 U14382053
    ePayCore Ltd +31.52 XXX Received Payment 31.52 USD from account U14382053. Memo: API Payment. Money transfer. Payment ID: 160028


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