HYIP is a very risky  investment and many people use yield farming in crypto as a legitimate alternative of it Bitrue.com is an example of yield farming earnings.

bitrue staking

What is Bitrue.com?

Bitrue.com is an exchange launched in 2018 and started by making a giveaway of 0.02 ETH and I was one of the first members who got this airdrop.It is ranked 51 on coinmarketcap list 
And you can follow their twitter account from here @BitrueOfficial
They say about their site:

#1 Cryptocurrency Management Platform

Buy, invest, & borrow digital assets all in one place 

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Bitrue exchange is established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts and focus on cryptocurrency trading.We dedicate to providing safe and convenient service for cryptocurrency trading, and being the best aggregator of qualified cryptocurrency all over the world.

Bitrue.com also has its own token bitrue BTR  and you may track it on Coinmakretcap
Bitrue Coin (BTR) is the native asset on the Bitrue exchange. BTR is designed to support all Bitrue businesses such as trading fee deductions, cash deposits by projects, voting for listings, wealth management programs, and loan programs.

 Is Bitrue.com legitimate?

Yes And I got previous payments from it.
It has many cheap coins with low cashout fees to request withdraw through such as TRX for instance.
Aside from some pairs, the general trading fees are:

Other BTC, ETH & USDT trading pairs: 0.098%
XRP trading pairs: 0.280%    

Using BTR for transaction fees applies a 20% discount!

Other BTC, ETH, USDT Trading Pair : 0.0686%
XRP Trading Pair : 0.196%

How to make money in Bitrue.com?

Biture.com offers trading, Loans and Investment.

 How to invest in Bitrue.com?

invest in yield faming
Mainly; Investing in crypto exchanges depends on staking (yield farming) Which is like the what its name refers to making gain of your seeded coins.
In fact this is related to something called POW (Proof of work) which is something all coins need to prove that they got holders and people are interested in it. This way they freeze your coins for a specific period of time and in return they will Reward you with the same coin you have frozen (seeded) or with another coin.
This leads us to something called APR (Annual Percentage Rate) which is the guaranteed efficient earnings for staking and holding crypto currencies in bitrue.com or any other firm that offers crypto staking and yield farming .
It means the interest you get for a year therefor for 1 month it is for example 55% this means your actual earning is
55 * 30 / 365 = 4.52% for a month.
So for a month staking offer you will get 4.52% reward not a 55% because 55% is for a whole year.
 You can go to bitrue.com after registering and then go to Earn then Farms.
And there you will find all details about staking offers with the periods, the APR and the reward. And you will notice how the rewards may not be from the same coin you hold.

 Yield farming in Bitrue.com?


investment earnings in bitrue

This is the highest investment methods in return in Bitrue.com

 Power piggy in Bitrue.com?

invest in power piggy

Here you store your coins for rewards with stable earnings, And there is tow types of this investments Flexible and Lockups.
Well, the difference between these two types of staking is that the flexible one allows you to release your coins from the staking anytime.
while the Lockups are were you can not have any control of the amount of coins you are staking till the period of the offers ends then you they are back to your assets balance = the reward as well.
And here are the rules of this investment:
  1. Cryptocurrency Type: USDT/TUSD/GUSD/USDC/USDP
  2. Release Time: Caps for this coin will be released once daily at 06:00:00 UTC and will be available for 24 hours. The opt-in option will be closed when the daily cap limit has been reached. Once the coins have been invested successfully you will receive interest daily until you decide to opt-out of the program.
  3. Daily Cap: The daily cap is currently set at 1,000,000 Stablecoin. Participation is on a “first come first served” basis. Please deposit Stablecoin into your Bitrue account in advance to get prepared.
  4. Rewards: Participants will earn Stablecoin at 8.4 annual interest as a reward. For every 10,000 Stablecoin put into the program, you will earn 2.3 Stablecoin per day.
  5. Rewards Distribution: 16:00 UTC every day
  6. Interest calculation: Interest generation will begin one day after investing. The first interest payment will be made two days after investing. No partial interest will be generated when funds are withdrawn in the middle of a day. Interest is calculated between 16:00 ~ 18:00 UTC daily. If funds are unfrozen during the calculation period, they will not generate interest.
  7. No Lock-up: Your funds will not be locked so you can opt out anytime you want. You can opt in again as long as there's cap opening.
  8. For this offer, Bitrue guarantees the safety of your principal and earnings.
  9. Minimum amount to join: 100 USDT/TUSD/GUSD/USDC/USDP
  10. Eligibility: All users are eligible to participate.
  11. Final interepretation of this activity belongs to Bitrue. Bitrue reserves the right to adjust the rules of the event at any time based on market and operating conditions.

 Stake BTR For Lockups Bitrue.com?

BTR token

Here you lock your coins to be rewarded with BTR token.
The coins here all are famous old ones (the most trusted) ones and they are: BTC / ETH / XRP / USDT / ADA

 Why to invest in Bitrue.com?

  1. The main purpose is that you are away of ponzis
  2. You invest in a respectful firm with obvious rules
  3. Very high APR  compared to other exchanges
  4. You still have risks of crypto market ups and downs but yet your funds are still safe their.
  5. Bitrue.com has a variety of coins and tokens keeping an investment there is very important to get any new chances of quick listing of coins with potentials.

you may registe in Bitrue.com from