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Edu3Labs NFE Token Review: AI Educational Project


 In this review, researchers will look at Edu3Labs NFE currency in terms of its project, importance, origin, associations, is it a good investment and is it suitable for storage?

What is Edu3Labs Project?

It's creating an integrated project concerned with education and selling books in the form of NFTs, as this enables writers to preserve the originality and rights of their writings.

It also contains a special section for selling books, a special section for educational games, and a university that works with artificial intelligence. And all of this is mixed to blockchain in one platform.

Yuo can check their website, and their page on coinmarketcap.

You can imagine them saying about their project:

They use artificial intelligence to determine the student’s academic level and thus work to fill his existing gaps by motivating him with special courses and interactive games.

What they say about their company?

What is The Edu3Verse? Edu3Verse is an education and networking city in the Metaverse that all Edu3Labs stakeholders can attend classes, networking events and meet with each other

What Are Edu3Labs projects?

There are five main sides to this projects and they are:

NFT marketplace: 

Where authors can create your content and sell ith as an NFE.


Here companies may make use of this project to improve their workflows.


Create and sell educational games based on AI.


An app that uses artifical intelliegence to give software solutions for blockchains.

AI university

There is not enough information about this project but it looks like a virtual university to teach through AI for users who pay with their cryptocurrency.

What is NFE Token?

It is the native token of  Edu3Labs project. NFE TokenThe Fuel of Education 3.0 Economy like they say about it.

Its holders can gain these privileges :

  • For access to exclusive content and lessons
  • For discounts on courses and content
  •  Bearer has discounts on commission fees for trading non-financial entities in the market
  • Cadastral signature for rewards and access
  • Access to the built-in operation panel in Edu3Labs
  • Access to award-winning educational competitions
  • Access to events held on Edu3Verse
  • Access to communication events

Edu3Labs Partnerships

What gives the project its strength and credibility is the huge number of international technology companies and artificial intelligence companies that have established companies with Edu3Labs, the most important of which are:

’Microsoft, BNB Chain,, and many other leading companies in the aforementioned fieldsŲ²


Edu3Labs A revolutionary project that integrates education, NFT, and Blockchain and seeks to provide something new with added value in the world of cryptocurrency.

The huge number of partnerships with giant companies such as Microsoft undoubtedly makes the project reliable, Edu3Labs has a promising future, especially since it is a pioneer in its field.

It is necessary that the NFE currency is still new and has a low market value, and that this market value has multiplied many times, noting that the team only released 3% of the total supply of the currency, and with the release of additional tokens and at the expense of an inflation rate as a result. I see that the currency price is on its way to exceeding $1 with absolute ease during 2025

Rating: Is it a Good Investment?

My personal rating for NFE token is: 85%