Egon-Coin-EGON-Reviews and rating

EgonCoin is a web3 blockchain system. It has a coin (not a token) named EgoCoin (EGON). In this review we're going to know all the facts about this project and is it a good investment or not?

What is EgonCoin EGON Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and with the rise of blockchain technology, new projects and coins are constantly emerging in the market. One such project is EgonCoin, a web3 blockchain system. What makes EgonCoin different from others is that it has its own coin, EgoCoin (EGON), instead of a token like most other blockchain platforms.

In this review, we will delve into all the details about EgonCoin and analyze if it is a good investment option.

egoncoin PNGS

The Basics of EgonCoin

First, let's understand the basics of EgonCoin. It is a decentralized blockchain platform built on the web3 ecosystem, which means it's not just a store of value but also a platform for creating decentralized applications (DApps). The team behind EgonCoin has taken inspiration from other successful blockchain platforms but has also implemented its own unique features, making it a promising project.

Elevated Staking of EgonCoin

One of the key features of EgonCoin is its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. This means that instead of using energy-intensive mining like in Bitcoin, EgoCoin holders can earn rewards by staking their coins on the network. PoS is known to be more energy-efficient and secure compared to Proof-of-Work (PoW), making EgonCoin an environmentally friendly option.

Rare NFTs

They say about this feature:

EgonCoin offers its own blockchain, EgonChain with the all NEW EPoS protocol to make NFT entry simple at the Egonverse P2E marketplace

What About Fees?

Furthermore, EgonCoin has a relatively low transaction fee, making it convenient for users to transact without worrying about high fees. This low fee is made possible due to the scaling capabilities of EgonCoin, which can handle a large number of transactions per second. This is a crucial factor for any blockchain project as it determines its potential to be used in real-world applications, and EgonCoin seems to have it covered.

More features

  • There are other Web3 framework features such as:
  • Decentralization
  • Smart cntracts
  • Interoperability with other tokens and protocols
  • Community Governance

Social networks

They are all here:

Website, Coinmarketcap, Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

EgonCoin (EGON) Currency

It is the project's native currency depending on its own blockchain. And it has the following Tokenomics.


EgonCoin's scanner and explorer is here.

EgonCoin's github is here.

EgonCoin's whitepaper is here.

It can be traded on some cryptoexchanges including XT.

EgonCoin's staking

Hold and get rewards. Check the page from here.

Select Stake Duration

180 Days Stake = 5.4% Fixed Reward

355 Days Stake = 21% Fixed Reward

720 Days Stake = 54% Fixed Reward

1080 Days Stake = 90% Fixed Reward

EgonCoin's Wallet

With the wallet, you can send and receive the coins easily.

To get the wallet, you have to download it first from this page.

Then you have to store 12 words & private keys in a safe place. I usually have a copy on my laptop and a copy on Google docs.

After doing that, you will have full control of your funds.

What about The Team?

The team is doxxed and this is a very good sign, no great old experiences but they look talented.

You can check the team page from here, and you can use this email ( to contact them.


The project seems promising, but to what extent?

There is no indication of the existence of giant partnerships with EgonCoin, but if the partnerships begin, the market value must rise significantly.

Since the team is doxxed, this, as we mentioned above, is a very good indication of the reliability of the project.

Rating: Is it a Good Investment?

Since the market value is still low, and the project seems reliable, the price of the currency must rise later

But there are many similar projects, in addition to the fact that the staking prizes are very high, and given the approaching currencies  prices correction, I do not prefer to buy the currency until its price stabilizes.

I myself may wait to buy it at a price ranging between 5 to 7 cents, but each of us has his personal opinion and each of us has his view on his investment.

My personal rating for NFE token is: 63%