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Read instruction of how to use any site using its review where you will find my opinion about each one.

In this page I will show my payments from earning websites, there will be no trading earnings in here, I will only add payments from GPT, PTC sites and faucets.
Try to learn how to make money from internet by reading my reviews and asking me quesions through my social media addresses and email addresses and do not forget to remember that we promote these sites to make a living, do not listen to haters and do not listen to fools, we have heads to use..
I really regret many sites that I've promoted, but from now on I will only promote earning methods with no investment and will keep my investment only in crypto exchanges.
By the way all payments will be in the comment section not in the body of the page, this is much easier for me to add.
At the end I have two points to mention, Mmy only strategy from now on is to try to make money from crypto trading, tis means there are no investments in HYIP or PTC or stupid ponzi games..
And the second note is to hit and run, because all sites will stop paying sooner or later, do not wait for them to pay you all of your life...