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Rating determination

Hello dear reader, In this page I will introduce to you how I rate all sites in my blog.
First of all you must know that we can not rate all earning sites with the same scale, All genre has its own measures and indicators. For example when I give a faucet that pays you 1 cent for doing some tasks with 80% trust score this doesn't mean anyway that it is as good as a crypto exchange where you may earn thousands of Dollars or lose thousands of them in your trades.
For that please be careful of this before using any site that doesn't fit your needs.

For all genres
LevelTrust scoreRating meaningRecoomendation
Level 10 - 20%Scam or potential scamNever        
Level 221% - 40%Waste of time low earningsNot much    
Level 341% - 60%FairFair        
Level 461 - 80%Good earnings compared to investment or effortHigh       
Level 581 - 100%Most trusted and efficientVery high  

Some notes:
for some reasons old and (trusted) sites may get very low rating like crypto exchanges that require KYC or have very high fees for trades and (legitimate) old PTC's that stole my money or having bad RR average and so on